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  1. Tracy Brodhacker

    I have my 40th high school reunion this summer, and have questions (obviously 🤪) about what to wear. It’s in June, in mid Missouri, at a restaurant brewery. Meaning, possible humidity, small town and not elegant😂 I listened to the Best Dressed Wedding Guest, but I think this probably is a step down. Although I do want to be the best dressed! Also, I’ll be in a surgical boot, recovering from foot surgery. I have considered using Rent the Runway.
    If you’ve already done this episode, I’m sorry to ask. If you have, what’s the episode to look for?
    I’m so glad I found your podcast! It has been informative and entertaining. I very much appreciate you reminding people to shop their closet.
    You’re not the only Holly I know, but the most fun!!
    Thank you,

  2. Maureen Gallagher

    The Only Holly I Need to Know,
    I love your podcast! A while back you did an episode about workout gear. I absolutely LOVE “The Closer” by Handful. The girls do not bounce while doing high-impact activities in this bra. Bonus, if you are a sweater like me, the front zipper eliminates the struggle of getting a wet sports bra off over my shoulders. Handful is a female-founded business with an incredible mission. I can’t recommend the company and their products highly enough. The founder is a dynamo and I think the two of you in the same space could cause some kind of combustion.
    Thank you!

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