The Queen of Charleston Fashion: Stacy Smallwood of HAMPDEN Clothing | EP 200


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On the 200th episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, sits down with the Queen of Fashion on King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, Stacy Smallwood of Hampden.

As part of our continuing series of “Women Supporting Women,” Stacy is the epitome of a self-made female entrepreneur who is changing fashion for the better! #Yasssss!

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As the premier stylist and owner of the renowned HAMPDEN Clothing boutique on King Street, Stacy shares her journey and trade secrets for women over 40.

From her background to starting HAMPDEN, to addressing the unique fashion needs and body-sensitive issues of her clientele, this episode is packed with valuable insights and trends for Summer 2024.

Key Highlights:

Stacy’s Background:

Stacy Smallwood’s journey into the fashion industry began with her childhood love for fashion. She recounts her experiences at Vanderbilt University, where she majored in a field unrelated to fashion but gained valuable insights through internships in beauty and PR. A pivotal moment came when she secured a spot in Neiman Marcus’s buying program, which launched her career in the fashion world.

She reflects on her fearless twenties, moving to Dallas without knowing anyone, and how these experiences laid the foundation for her future success with HAMPDEN Clothing.

The Birth of HAMPDEN:

Stacy provides a detailed narrative of how she opened HAMPDEN Clothing at the age of 27 in February 2007. Starting with a smaller space on King Street, she describes the boutique’s growth and relocation to its current expansive location. Stacy highlights the strategic decisions behind each expansion, such as acquiring additional retail space and curating a unique shopping experience.

She discusses the challenges and triumphs of running a high-end boutique and how HAMPDEN has become a fashion destination in Charleston.

Serving Women Over 40:

Stacy emphasizes her commitment to catering to women over 40 and understanding their specific needs and preferences. She explains how HAMPDEN Clothing addresses the common fashion dilemmas faced by women of a certain age, from finding flattering fits to selecting age-appropriate styles.

Stacy talks about the importance of confidence in fashion and how her boutique aims to empower women by providing them with stylish, sophisticated, and high-quality pieces that make them feel their best.

Body-Sensitive Issues:

The episode delves into the body-sensitive issues that many women encounter when shopping for clothes. Stacy discusses how her team of stylists at HAMPDEN is trained to handle these concerns with empathy and expertise. She shares heartwarming stories of clients who have overcome significant challenges, such as recovering from a double mastectomy or finding the perfect dress for a life-changing event.

Stacy highlights the boutique’s personalized approach, ensuring that every client feels comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

Hot Trends for Summer 2024:

Get ready for Summer 2024 with Stacy’s expert insights into the hottest fashion trends. She shares her favorite summer pieces, including stylish dresses, versatile separates, and must-have accessories. Stacy highlights key trends such as bold prints, lightweight fabrics, and statement accessories that are perfect for the summer season.

She offers practical styling tips to help women incorporate these trends into their wardrobes, ensuring they stay fashionable and comfortable during the warmer months.

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Guest: Stacy Smallwood of HAMPDEN Clothing

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