Women Supporting Women Series: Elizabeth Gumb, Personal Stylist EP | 199

Welcome back, Fashion Besties! We’re thrilled to present Episode 199 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, where we are gearing up for a grand celebration of our upcoming 200th episode.

Your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, recently embarked on an exciting fashion journey where she met up with some of the most fabulous women of the chic city of Charleston, SC –female fashion entrepreneurs who are setting the tone of fashion in this vibrant and sassy, fashion-forward city!

Kicking off the first in this series is the incredible Elizabeth Gumb, a personal stylist who has been transforming wardrobes and boosting confidence since 2013.

Get ready for a stylish adventure as Elizabeth and Holly share their expertise, tips, and the latest in Charleston fashion.

Who is Elizabeth Gumb?

Elizabeth is a dynamic personal stylist based in Charleston, South Carolina. With a background as a lawyer, Elizabeth brings a unique blend of organizational skills and fashion sense to her clients.

Since founding her business, Edited by Elizabeth, in 2018, she has been dedicated to helping women, particularly those over 40, rediscover their style and confidence. Her journey from law to fashion is a testament to following one’s passion and creating a fulfilling career doing what you love. #legallybrunette

What we wear – our personal style – is so much a part of who we are, what we say to the world, and an image of how we feel. As we grow and change in life, so does our style. Often in this fast-paced world, we lose sight of what our style is and how to get it back. As a mother of three, I understand how chaotic life can be and how your style can take a backseat as we drive through life.” – Elizabeth Gumb, personal stylist


Elizabeth’s Journey:

Elizabeth shares her inspiring transition from being a lawyer to becoming a personal stylist. Her passion for fashion began in childhood and eventually led her to start her own styling business.

Having helped friends and family dress for events and pack for trips over the years, she was able to turn her love of dressing up into a beloved career. Elizabeth has a natural ability to help clients figure out their style and what they should be wearing to encompass their true selves.

Understanding Clients’ Needs:

Elizabeth explains how she tailors her services to women over 40, #YAASSS who often face changes in their bodies and lifestyles. She emphasizes the importance of wardrobe edits and choosing pieces that reflect who they are today.

Wardrobe Essentials:

Elizabeth and Holly highlight the importance of having a versatile and functional wardrobe. They talk about investing in quality basics and classic pieces that can be styled in multiple ways. A few key items mentioned include a classic trench coat, good quality jeans, and versatile shoes and accessories.


Both stylists stress the significance of proper undergarments. Elizabeth highlights the necessity of shapewear, seamless underwear, and well-fitting bras as the foundation of any great outfit. #FACTS

Color Analysis:

Elizabeth uses color strips to determine whether her clients are cool or warm-toned, helping them choose colors that brighten their faces and complement their features. This personalized approach ensures clients always look their best.

Dealing with Fast Fashion:

The discussion touches on the impact of fast fashion and the importance of investing in quality pieces. Elizabeth shares her philosophy on buying less but choosing well, advocating for a wardrobe that prioritizes timeless pieces over trendy, disposable items.

Jeans and Accessories:

They delve into the world of jeans, emphasizing the need for a perfect fit around the torso and the versatility of different jean styles. Accessories, particularly belts and jewelry, are highlighted as essential components for elevating any outfit.

Maternity Clothes:

Elizabeth advises new mothers on the timely donation of maternity clothes, encouraging them to pass on these garments to others in need once they’re done having children. #DOIITTT

Final Thoughts:

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth Gumb for sharing her invaluable insights and fashion wisdom with us!

Please take a moment to find and follow Elizabeth Gumb on Instagram, and be sure to check out her website! We are women supporting women!


Holly hits the road! This episode is just the beginning of Holly’s Charleston Adventure, where she recently met up with some of the most inspiring and influential women of the famous King Street shopping area. #wesupportsmallbrands

Stay tuned for Episode 200, (wwwhhaattt), where we spotlight small female-owned businesses in Charleston, showcasing their unique contributions to the area’s style and fashion. We met so many new Fashion Besties, and we cannot wait to introduce y’all! #staytuned

Remember, the Fashion Crimes Podcast is your ultimate fashion friend, helping women over 40 – and we mean, waaayyy over 40 – look and feel their best by avoiding common fashion mistakes. Make sure to tune in each week.

Join us next week for more fabulous fashion tips and inspiration, straight from Charleston, SC with the corrolating videos on our YouTube Channel!

Hosted by Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist.

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