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Get ready for a major VIP Guest this week!! 
Jenny McClendon of @JennyFitStart  joins us this week to discuss the dos and don’ts of exercise clothing, dressing, shoes, and accessories. As always, we recommend that you follow along on Holly’s curated Pinterest Board! #DOIT
And who is better than Jenny to help us tackle this important fashion subject? 
Jenny McClendon, MS, PT of Jenny Fit Start hosts a fitness YouTube channel for seniors and beginners. #fitover50 
Her channel is full of motivating exercises and instructional videos where her clients and viewers sweat, have fun, and try new things. 
Jenny’s Fit Start program was named by @Oprah as “One of The 25 Best YouTube Workout Channels to Help Meet Your Fitness Goals at Home” and featured in @GlamourMag as one of the “Top 21 Best YouTube Channel Workouts” 
Holly sits down with her BFF since middle school to dish out the best advice for what to wear while working out – AND, what not to wear! 

Elements of Exercise Clothing

Number 1: Sports Bras

Jenny firmly believes in maximum support for women of a certain age. Look for T-backs, higher in the front necklines, and clasps in the back. Being cute with your sports bra is not a thing; of course, if they’re slapping you in the face. #fashioncrime

Number 2: Consider Your Activity 

Are you working out outside? Are you playing tennis? Are you stretching in a yoga class? Are you working out in a gym? Jenny recommends you think about the coverage you need, the support you need, the level of comfort for your activity – AND the level of confidence you want to feel in your outfit. 

“You are not going to find me in the gym in ratty T-shirts and shorts. This may sound silly, but I like to look put-together at the gym and in public.” -Jenny  


One of Jenny’s favorite brands is ZYIA light and tight compression leggings. 

Her favorite tops are loose-fitting and breathable. Nothing made of cotton. Find something with a little bit of spandex and polyester blend so that it doesn’t get stinky, won’t stick to you, and doesn’t hold sweat.  

Number 3: SpongeBob SquarePants vs. Jessica Rabbit 

The shape of your body dictates your workout wear! Someone who is narrow in the hips and legs vs. someone who is curvier in the middle will absolutely need to find support and coverage in different ways.  


Holly points out one of her biggest mistakes:  Buying workout wear at a yoga place thinking “Oh my God, this is so cute! I can do yoga in this!” And then trying to go to the gym in the same outfit, and her boobs fall out.

She did not realize that one does not get the support needed from yoga brands that they need for weightlifting or cardio, etc.  

Don’t jump without support, Sister!

Number 4: Athleisure Wear vs. Workout Wear

These are not the same. Athleisure wear is for when you are running around or relaxing. Your workout clothes are for working out and sweating in. Athleisure can go over/in addition to your workout clothing, or be worn alone.

Number 5: Workout Shoes 

This is one of the most popular questions Jenny gets.  She insists you need to go to an athletic shoe store, like Fleet Feet or others.  They have highly sophisticated ways to fit your foot– first and foremost. Do you have a high arch? Do you walk on the sides of your feet? Do you have Achilles Tendinitis?  Major feet issues?

If you’re high maintenance in the shoe department, GET FITTED FOR YOUR SPORTS SHOES! And skip the big box stores where you pull the shoes off the shelves yourselves.


You should have different shoes for different activities. Running is not the same as weightlifting on your body. If you spend money on fitness classes, it’s super important to invest in the proper shoe and body support for each workout. This will only increase your confidence when working out.

Holly loves Nike Metcon shoes for weightlifting.  

Also key: change them out often. The support and sole grip that you need for each workout is depleted each time you wear your shoes.  #truth After your workout shoes have served their purpose, please feel free to demote those shoes to your “house” section of your wardrobe. Keep them in the yardwork shoe collection, or use them to walk the dog. For more on how to demote clothing in your wardrobe to an “around the house” section, hit up episode 148, Top Pajama & Loungewear pics. Solid. 

Number 6: Insoles  

If your feet have problems, even after a good fitting by a person who knows better, learn about insoles for your feet and how to best obtain them. Do you need a podiatrist? Maybe. Can you purchase extra-support insoles at the pharmacy? Yes.  The point is to make sure your feet are fully supported, so they can properly support your workout. Poor or ill-fitting shoes can lead to additional knee, back, and hip issues. 

Number 7: Socks 

This is a personal choice. Do you like thicker socks? Do you get hot and prefer to wear thin socks? There is no correct answer to this. However, you will usually benefit from quality-made socks in any case. Your pinterest board awaits~


Jenny loves BOMBAS socks of any variety. Buy quality socks that fit well – and buy your favorites in multiples!  

Number 8: Hot vs. Cold 

Most of the workout wear rules apply but think about layering, again, based on your activity. Avoid cotton or anything heavy that will hold sweat and moisture – because you will still sweat in colder weather!

Remember: Holly’s tip, as always your workout and exercise clothing are part of your wardrobe. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you skimp and wear pajama pants to the gym. 

Number 9: Are Bike Shorts OK? 

I mean sure if you have fabulous legs… (Jenny). Some say you can’t wear bike shorts after a certain age. If you have a larger bottom half, you can wear a longer shirt or jacket over them and wear them around the house or wear them out with air jordans like Holly. #sorrynotsorry. 

Listen to the end to find out what’s next for the Jenny Fit Start empire, because the sky is the limit! We love her attitude that Fitness is for Everyone! And that her love is teaching others how to feel their best – at any age. 

This is no gym rat life, folks! This is real-life fitness for real people. 

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