Shopping Tips for People Who Hate to Shop | OUR 150th EPISODE!!!

Do you hate shopping? How many times have you said this in your life? Are you overwhelmed by the mere thought of finding the time to spend an afternoon shopping for new clothing and accessories? Does it make you want to move to a foreign land where you never have to shop ever again?

Also: Do you need outfits that fit you well, are current with the times, AND are age appropriate? 

Then you need to go shopping. #sorrynotsorry 

This is a very special occasion, as we are celebrating our ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH EPISODE! YYAAAYYY!

Holly is here to reflect back on some of our VITAL styling episodes – and she surprises us with a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST – to help us overcome all the hurdles and blocks we put in our minds about shopping.

Key Information:  

  1. If you have closet chaos, then you may be shopping for things that you already have, or for crap you don’t need. Do not head out on a shopping excursion until you know what is in your closet – and what pieces you may need to add to your wardrobe.  #FACTS

FASHION CRIME: Having clothing in your closet with store tags still attached, having piles or hangers full of clothing you don’t wear because they don’t fit anymore, or not knowing what is in your closet.  

If you need a refresher, please go back and listen to Episode 106 | How to Clean Out Your Closet 

  1. Figure out what is holding you back from your fashion future! Do you hate shopping, or do you hate the way you feel when you are shopping?  Hmmmmmm, interesting point our “lady about town” brought up.

Trying on bathing suits and jeans are the absolutely HARDEST shopping projects you will ever find, and often, the most disappointing. HOWEVER, it is important to TRY ON items before you purchase, because if things do no FIT you correctly, you will not feel good wearing them. #liveitlearnitloveit

If you need a refresher, go back and listen to Episode 97 | How to Dress Right for Your Body Type

Also, see Episode 66 | Stop Making These Common Shopping Mistakes!  Oooooo yaassss. Good one. 

  1. Do you worry about the COST of shopping? This is not a bad thing. One of the greatest joys of shopping is THE DEAL, People!  Once you know what you need to add to your wardrobe, what FITS you well and the things you want to buy – go find the deal! Every department store has annual sales, and most department stores of now have “racks” or “off” stores.  #youcandoit

And please, please consider second-hand, thrift or resale shopping whether it is at your favorite consignment store, or online at The Real Real, Poshmark, Ebay, or others. You will find brands you love and discounted prices and that is a WIN. A win is a win, honey. 

It’s also fun as all get-out, and a major shot of serotonin when you get more than you paid for!  

Oooo, listen to this one toooooo for inspo: Episode 88 | Earth Day and Sustainable Fashion  

  1. Do you even know what you need to shop for? Holly has spent her career helping people organize their wardrobes to make their lives easier.   

Get her exclusive Wardrobe Check-List before you step foot in a store or shop online! #fabulous

  1. Do not PANIC SHOP!  Do you have a summer wedding coming up? Starting a new job? Need a new handbag? Attending a funeral? And the big one: Going to Your Class Reunion? I mean, who doesn’t want to hang out with us after 30 years?!?!

We have the solutions for painless shopping – but you must plan for these purchases! 

If you haven’t guessed by now, our fairy gaymother, Nolan Meader, was back this week, because we cannot celebrate our 150th episode without our Best Fashion Friend Forever!

As you can see, if you have a need to go shopping, we have a podcast episode for that. You do not need to let fear hold you back. Do not let your body type hold you back. Do not let low self-esteem hold you back.

And do you know why? Because we have 150 episodes to help you learn to love fashion.  #LISTENNOW 

And, because we are the best fashion friend you never knew you needed.   

Still not sure? Please send us your fashion questions via email or via our social DMs. Holly WILL answer you, and most likely, will give you a shout-out on our next episode.    

Have a fabulous fashion week!   

Love, Holly!  

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I am your favorite Holly, the hostess with the mostest, and as always, your favorite personal stylist. Y’all have a fabulous, fashionable week!

Listen now!

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