Top Pajama & Loungewear Picks 2023 | EP 148

This week, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is defining the areas of Pajamas, Loungewear, and other “house clothing” you need to know to avoid committing one of the worst Fashion Crimes: Pajamas worn in public, ratty sleepwear, and inappropriate loungewear.


What you wear during your down time matters for a myriad of reasons, but mainly, because you deserve to look and feel your best, especially when you are relaxing!



We have a TON of Fashion Bestie shout-outs this week, so do not cut this episode short! We have gotten SO MUCH fan mail and so many fashion questions – and this makes us SO HAPPY!


Also, as always, be sure to follow along on Holly’s curated Pinterest Boards to see all of her suggestions in this episode.


First of all: Pajama sets are not loungewear.


You cannot go outside or run errands in anything that starts with the word “pajama.” Pajamas, pajama pants and pajama sets are for sleeping. The literal definition of pajamas is “something you wear to bed,” and something you sleep in. Period. End of Story.


Loungewear is a step-up from sleepwear. You “lounge around” in it and could possibly run an errand or walk the dog in it – if you are covered in the appropriate areas and don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

Pajama Fashion Crimes:


Be aware of these critical issues that can lead you down the road to committing pajama crimes – sometimes without even noticing:


  • Buying cheap pajamas at box stores that don’t hold their shape or are made of cheap fabric.

  • Wearing your significant other’s oversized T-shirts, or old sports, concert, etc. T-shirts that you feel badly about giving away.

  • Mixing your pajama pants and shorts with your assortment of crappy sweatpants in the same drawer.


If you mindlessly wear PJs or Loungewear, you will walk by a mirror one day and not recognize the person staring back at you. You need to get your pajama game in order!


Hot Tip:

We spend time and money on our wardrobe, and even on our workout clothes, so don’t skimp on your pajamas and loungewear! This is part of your wardrobe.


You need to get your act together and get 2-3 pajamas and loungewear outfits that you can wear on your down time, without being too skimpy. (We are not talking about lingerie in this episode. That is another subject entirely.)


Why? Because if you have friends, family, kids, or teens around the house, then their friends are around the house. You need to have some self-awareness about who sees you in your PJs and loungewear. If the Amazon guy rings your doorbell, and needs you to sign for something, you can’t open the door half-dressed.

 Types of Pajamas:


You should have some really nice pajamas that are currently in style and fit you correctly. Not 10-year-old pajamas or Christmas-themed pajama pants in May. Okay? #notchic.


And just a word to the wise: If y’all do the holiday, dress-up, greeting card with matching outfits thing, or matching pajamas, whatever your tradition is, it’s none of our business. We are just telling you that outside the month of December, is a non-negosh. Don’t. Do. It.


Holly’s Favorite Pajama Brands:



PJ Salvage

Casa Bella


La Perla

Olivia van Halle

Barefoot Dreams

Yawn Luxurious Organic Nightwear

Holly’s Favorite Loungewear Brands:


Kiya Tomlin | Go to EP 125

Dayo Women | Go to EP 134

Paridaez |Go to EP 26

Carbon 38 Luxury Activewear

Alo Yoga

Cotton Citizen



Side Bar: “House Clothes”


There are times when you need to do some serious housekeeping, clean out your garage, paint your fence, do a little yardwork, etc. You need clothes that you can get dirty in. So, please dedicate a few items for this area of your life and wear them only for this purpose. Include in this area some shoes, jackets, etc., that can get gross, but which you are not going to wear for anything else. Keep this section of your closet separate.


Side Bar: “Sweats”

We are not banning sweat outfits. We are banning old, out of style, ratty, beat down sweatpants.


Hot Tip:


Get yourself a personal gift list. Start a Google Doc. Plan ahead for Mother’s Day, your Birthday, Hannukah and Christmas! You know what you want. Your family does not, UNLESS you tell them. Pick out your favorite PJs and loungewear, put them on a list, and COMMUNICATE  to your fam and friends what you’d like. If you’re the gift giver, always include a gift receipt.


In summary, take care of you so you can take care of others. Buy yourself some comfy, silky, pretty PJs! You’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you will sleep better – so you can can feel great about what you’re wearing, event when you go to bedd.


We are the best fashion friend you never knew you needed, so please, please send us your fashion questions via email or on our social DMs. Holly WILL answer and most likely, will give you a shout out on our next episode.


Have a fabulous fashion week!





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I am your favorite Holly, the hostess with the mostest, and as always, your favorite personal stylist. Y’all have a fabulous, fashionable week!

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