NY Fashion Week 2022 Wrap Party, Part 2 | EP 80

NY Fashion week was SO AMAZEBALLS that we had to record a Part 2! So buckle up buttercups, open up your Instagram app to the Fashion Crimes Podcast IG page, tune in and hang with us to join in on all the fun! 

We are the best fashion friends you never knew you needed, and this week we are sharing the ultimate Fashion Super Bowl. (Um, you’re welcome!!)

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So, after the first 3 days of Fashion Week, the chaos and hilarity continues with Holly and Nolan seeing more fashion shows, tracking down more designers and brands you need to know, and we get to live vicariously through Nolan and his fabulous celebrity client Candance Bushnell, whom he was styling this week.  (#beyondfab)

Oh, and we hung with out new fashion bestie, Michelle, the lovely author of the blog, Over Fifty and Blessed! She. Is. Fabulous.

Fashion shows discussed: 

Monday: Markarian NYC

Tuesday:  Jojo the restaurant, The Art of Rodarte Show, the Asian Fashion Collection

Wednesday: Claudia Li

ANNDD of course, The Blonds which Nolan went to and Holly went home to go to sleep. Alrighty then.

In between things, it was freezing in NYC so Nolan gave in and bought the winter coat of his dreams, sort-of on impulse while on a date. 

Now, if you have listened to our How to Buy A Winter Coat episode, you would have heard Nolan specifically talk about planning for big purchases, making smart fashion investment decisions, all why not blowing the budget! Check out his new Canada Goose down coat here!

Your favorite personal stylists then share their favorite people and places in NYC to wine and dine, which of, course they did. (DUH) 

And Nolan tells us/doesn’t tell us that he is on his way to a secret fashion project during the upcoming  Milan Fashion Week! (But you didn’t hear it from us.) Follow him along on that journey on his IG, because it’s FAB-U-LOUS!!! We are so 80% happy for him.

Remember, “fashion is your friend, not your enemy!” We are here to help you navigate the overwhelming world of fashion and style, especially for women over 40 – and we mean, WAY over 40. 

Be sure to catch us at https://apple.co/2XXKHfC or wherever you get your podcasts!!


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed,” hosted by personal stylist Holly Katz


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