Spring Trends & Milan Fashion Week | EP 81

Our Gal-About-Town, fashion bestie and stylist Nolan Meader, is fresh off of Milan Fashion Week, as we live vicariously through him, and we all may never recover from it! Join us this week as we talk about his very glamorous trip and then jump right into what you need to look out for in this Spring’s style trends!

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So, OBVI, Milan was fabulous. Nolan was there ‘werking,’ which means he was styling a client for a massive photo shoot. If you don’t follow him on IG already, get over there and just take a look at his fabulousness! He tells us all about Milan street style (very dressy) and the food (he might mention the food 800 times), and then about some of his favorite Italian fashion brands and the fashion shows. Holly was 80% happy for him, and she meant that. Really!

But because we are your best fashion friends (#BFFF), we are also here to give you the inside track on what to look forward to in this Spring’s style trends. Be sure to jump over to our Pinterest Board to see photos of all of these trends:

Lug Sole Boots: Don’t know what that is? Same. These are all the rage and basically the utilitarian combat boot, but a sole that is super thick and chunky. They are for men and women – and Holly and Nolan have a love/hate relationship with them. However, just about anyone can pull of this trend, so try it with a dress or skirt and throw it all over with a moto jacket.

The hoodie under a blazer or long coat look is still here. Of course, in Milan, it was spectacularly done. Not so much in the States, but anyway….

Y2K is back: we don’t know what that is either, but Holly’s very professional fashion definition is that they are bandana blouses or crisscross tops that cross over you boobs.  ( . ) ( . )  You’ll just have to trust us on this, and go see them on our Pinterest Board.  You’ll also have to trust Holly when she says this is NOT for fashion over fifty. Please, no.

“They are now wearing very low jeans, butterfly tops, with butterfly belt buckles. Please understand that these trends are for a much younger crowd. And I certainly can’t get away with my ass hanging out in low-rise jeans. They were ugly when they first came out. And now they’re even worse, because they’re back a second time.” – Holly

Suiting: How does someone pull off a full suit if they are not 6-feet tall and a size zero? Nolan’s answer is – drolly – “very carefully.” (Well thanks for that, because that wasn’t helpful.) Holly pulls it out of him that you need a very tall heel, the pant hem rides on the floor and the jacket is oversized. Probably not for every body. But good on you if you want to give that one a whirl.

Shopping and Stuff:

And in other global news… Holly and Nolan are probably going to Milan Fashion Week next year, so Save.The.Date.

Holly is so excited that she is already planning it all out: You can drink in public, you can walk around drunk, it’s fine. You can wear sequins to breakfast. It’s just what it is. Everyone wears big sunglasses and carries overpriced bags. It’s just a level of chicness that noone even knows – and we CANNOT wait! We’re doin it. We going global. Watch out.

Fashion is what you wear, style is how you make it. – Holly

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