New York Fashion Week Recap Part 1 | EP 79

What is UP Fashion Friends? We are fresh off of New York Fashion Week for the Fall/Winter 2022 shows.  And by “we,” we mean Holly AND Nolan: The Fashion Dream Team is down to give you the scoop on this season of shows to report on what’s hot, what’s not…in not one but two episodes. #yaaasss


Join us for the trials and tribulations of trying to make it through NYFW, because the struggle is real, y’all!  Listen now at


Your favorite personal stylist Holly had to be dressed, and on ON-POINT every day, we never knew what designer shows they were actually going to get into until the last minute, then it SNOWED and it was not convenient for Holly’s wardrobe choice on that day. But, she worked it out…not to worry. Meanwhile, Nolan was styling for Candace Bushnell  (#werk) all week (the American author, journalist, and television producer who wrote a column for The New York Observer that was adapted into the bestselling “Sex and the City” anthology – she is the OG Carrie Bradshaw!) – while Holly had to get herself photographed by Getty Images  – AND record a podcast episode.


Whew, are you tired yet? Because then there are parties to attend, friends to meet up with and drinks to be had. It’s hard being fabulous 24/7.


In all honestly, the reason we suffer through Fashion Week is so that you don’t have to! We are the best fashion friends you never knew you needed – and now you see why. #BFFFs


We are here to set you straight on Fashion Week. The purpose of our attendance this week to get the scoop on new trends, new designers and new STYLES FOR YOU! Not everyone is built like a model and can buy designer clothes. #DUH. But stick with us, and we will help you translate what we see on the runway into what you can actually wear! 


First a disclaimer: Nolan may or may not have gotten out of bed for this recording, which only makes it all the more fabulous. 


Anyway, Holly and Nolan take us through the shows they attended, the designers they loved and what they wore for each event. Of course, there were star-sightings (Tan France), wrong directions taken (backstage uninvited) and accidental photo ops (Christian Cowan) to round out the fun!


Shows Attended:


Proenza Schouoler

Christian Cowen

Tiffany Brown Designs

Frederick Anderson

Ian Alexander Studios

The Art of Rodarte Exhibit and Talks

Colin LoCascio

The Asia Fashion Collections

Claudia Li


Of course, Nolan takes us through the list of his own FAN-TABULOUS outfits of the week, the designers he loves, the parties he attended and the shows he got into but Holly did not. #RUDE


They saw everything from models falling on the runway to VERY popular influencers (that we have zero clue who they are). It’s always a people-watching event, and a great opportunity for #FashionCrimes. Queue the squeaky Psycho movie music, please! 


We have all of our favorite new styles on Holly’s Pinterest Board, and have saved the best daily updates on our story highlights on Instagram – so get your laptop open to all of the photos and follow along on this week’s spectacular episode!



“The Best Friend You Never Knew You Needed in Fashion”


Hosted by your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz, with guest appearance by celebrity stylist Nolan Meader.

Listen now!

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