What to Wear for Valentines Day | EP 78

Look, whether you love it, or love to hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And we are not here to have a say on either way, buuuutttt…. if you are going to celebrate the Day of Love, then let’s get you dressed!

Just keep in mind our usual disclaimer and warning: 

Don’t you dare let us catch you wearing a red heart sweater that lights up, or carrying a cupid-shaped purse. No novelty crap for “funny” t-shirts. These are FASHION CRIMES, and we will call you out for that. #sorrynotsorry

Instead, just listen to Holly! #Duh. We say it every week: “We are the best friend you never knew you needed in fashion.” And? Please repeat after us: 

“Fashion is your Friend, Not Your Enemy!”

In this week’s episode, Holly tells us all about the AMAZEBALLS Pinterest board she has set up just in time for Valentine’s Day outfit planning. If you can’t figure out what to wear after seeing all of her recommendations, then we need to call 9-1-1 for you. 

If you are going to get dressed, then do it with intention! You need to think this through from head to toe. What is the weather like? It’s winter in most places, correct? So, put some damn clothes on that make sense.

And, not every day is a home run, A special occasion like Valentine’s Day is an easy way to experiment with fashion! Wear something you normally wouldn’t wear like a fun accessory, or a really cool shoe – something that can really elevate your look. 

Play with Fabrics:

One idea is to experiment with different fabrics. Holly’s picks for fab fabrics are:

In words of Stacy London, who used to be a stylist and is Holly’s style icon:

Color, pattern, texture, and shine are the things that you need to try to aim for when you’re creating a cohesive outfit.

Choose a velvet pant, a colored jean, a bomber jacket or a silky top and mix them with your favorite pieces. Oh, and by the way, fabrics like velvet are super COMFY, y’all! 

Move Beyond the Sneakers:

ALERT: You now need to wear shoes! Since COVID, we’ve only worn sneakers, but that is not gonna cut it if you are getting dressed if you’re going somewhere fancy. 

And, if the thought of stilettos horrifies you – like it does everyone – not to worry, try these options instead: 

New Designers You Need to Know:

Remember, a special occasion is your ticket to try something new! As always, Holly has hunted down some new designers just for you – and has examples of all of them on Pinterest.  

(PS: You will only get this insider intelligence here, folks! “Best Friend You Never Knew You Needed in fashion,” remember?)

FE NOEL | www.fenoel.com

Fe Noel is a women’s wear designer from Brooklyn, “Eat well, travel often, and dress to inspire!” In other words, make life beautiful. The label’s founder, Felisha “Fe” Noel, is deeply influenced by her Grenadian heritage and has mastered the ability to bottle up culture and glamour influenced with sensibility and sensuality.

What Holly Loves: “Fe is so cool, and so fun. She is original and authentic, and her clothes are really unique. I have gained a whole new respect for her because she is very different from anything I have seen before. Since Fe’s inspiration comes from the Caribbean islands, you will find a lot of resort and swimwear, and bold and colorful patterns.”

UNDRA CELESTE | www.undracelesteny.com

Undra Celeste is the modern multicultural women’s designer. She designs clothes that invoke confidence and an unapologetic presence. Undra Celeste New York is the perfect mix of professional dressing and statement dressing. The goal is to empower multicultural women to show up to work feeling like their authentic selves exuding confidence by providing modern, fun, and bold work wear.

What Holly Loves: Oh snap…. she’s done it again…. Holly found a new bestie to stalk! In fact, she has already DM’d this designer to warn her that they WILL be #BFFFs by tomorrow. 

Holly loves this line, to say the least, “They have really great contemporary styles that are perfect for work or going out, and at a really good price point. She has statement clothing, dresses, sweaters and outerwear – it is just really different and really cool!”

SANDY LIANG | www.sandyliang.info

Sandy Liang is a New York fashion designer inspired by her Chinese roots. Liang gains fans with asymmetrical silhouettes and tomboyish look and approaches her creations by looking into her cultural references. NYC native Liang started her label after graduating from Parsons in 2013. Inspired by grandmothers in Chinatown where her father runs a restaurant, she tapped her own grandma to model on her website, wearing Liang’s signature oversized coats, including a black patent leather jacket trimmed with white shearling that retails for $2,400. Vogue and Elle have covered her designs and she sells in more than 50 stores worldwide including Nordstrom and Saks.

What Holly Loves: Liang has some amazing pieces that I love and that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day. She has a very layered aesthetic where it kind of looks like two different tops or two dresses that are meshed into one super cool look. You gotta look her up. The brand is super funky and fun. Its kind of like downtown chic tulle skirt meets 1940s Peter Pan blouses and Mary Jane shoes.”

The Final Touch: A Handbag

As we’ve said before, you do not go out on the town with your day purse. Leave your fat wallet and tote bag stuffed with coupons and receipts in your closet. #PREACH Because getting dressed means accessorizing the right way!

Holly recommends something small enough to hold in your hand, or maybe a small bag with a chain. It’s for lipstick and a phone – and that is it. It also needs to be cute. #duh

You don’t need a designer bag (although Holly loves her YSL). Check out some options at great price points here.

Need a little more inspiration? Go back and listen to some of our fan-favorite episodes!

Happy Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day, but no matter what, Love Your Self Day!

xoxo – Holly Katz, you favorite personal stylist, and let’s face it, the only Holly you need to know.



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