Fabulous at 50: The Bra Fitting | EP 166

In honor of HOLLY’S FABULOUS 50th Birthday celebration, we will be celebrating TOP THINGS ABOUT TURNING 50 because there are ENDLESS reasons to celebrate (like, not being a teenager, for one). So, hang with us while we learn all the reasons why hitting this milestone is, frankly, a gift from God.  

In this episode we meet Monica and Niki, who are fabulous new styling clients of Holly‘s from the Chicagoland area, and now, our new FASHION BESTIES! 

Holly makes the trip to Napierville outside of Chicago to meet this lovely couple who are working with Holly for styling help and a major closet cleanout.  

Usually, when Holly helps someone with a closet cleanout, there is anxiety and tears and probably more tears. It can be an emotional and difficult process to begin parsing one’s lifelong collection of stuff in a closet.  

HOWEVER, not the case with Niki. It’s like she already knew she was holding onto excess baggage, and boy, was she ready to let go. 

Perhaps she was holding onto her old life and realized her new life was better, so this process may have already been started by the other changes she has made in her life.    

Of course, as any couple living in the same space, some of Niki’s clothes were intertwined with Monica’s – and thus started the double closet clean-out and style therapy!  

Niki and Monica were so gracious about opening their life, and their closets and even airing some dirty laundry along the way. (literally and figuratively). We are grateful for their frank and honest conversation about how their style and habits can be changed to make their life better – and you have a front-row seat! 

From subpar storage and laundry habits to a successful shopping spree, here are some of the things we learned along the way: 


Number One on the list of Fabulous Things About Turning 50: letting go of things that bother you. You cannot be bothered after 50. It is the most freeing and luxurious thing EVER.  

Number Two: It is a FASHION CRIME to think that no matter where you are in your life, you don’t deserve nice things. We didn’t say EXPENSIVE things. We said NICE things. #Period.   

Number Three: By holding on to the old things in your closet, you are not able to find room for the new. Maybe your body shape changed. Maybe your mindset changed. Where are you going to find room for the new, if your closest is stuffed with the old? Thank you, Monica, for those fashion words of wisdom. We will be putting that on a throw pillow.


I’m a new person. I just had a birthday. Let’s rock and roll! Let’s show the world you know who I am and make me feel more confident in my new style and who I am now!”  – Monica 


Number Four: This is probably Number One, but if you have not been to a proper bra-fitting by 50, you need to go. The foundation of great style is proper undergarments.  Holly takes both Niki and Monica to a professional bra-fitting and the results are astounding. They are here to tell you it was LIFE CHANGING. 

All right, well, first of all, I always knew bra fitting exists. But I thought it was more of a wealthy thing. Or, I felt it was this magical land or, you know, I always thought it was one of those things where it’s like, man, someone’s gonna see my boobies? Can I really do this? Monica 


SHOUT OUT: Holly took Monica and Niki to Bare Moxie in Geneva, IL. Please share your love for this amazing small business they are so spectacular!  

Number Five: When you look good, you feel good! Niki’s shopping spree and trip to a makeup counter netted her new outfits and a new look that FIT HER WELL, was perfect for her lifestyle, and elevated her style just a bit out of her comfort zone.  

The end result? Endless compliments and comments. Which leads to new confidence. Which leads to feeling amazing. Which leads to, why didn’t I do this before? 

I think everybody around me is inspired to kind of level up in the same in the same way that I’m doing right now. It’s been a super cool experience. Niki 


Number Six: When you do the work and you show up looking and feeling confident, people notice because of your ENERGY shift is different. Your confidence and happiness are next level.

Number Seven: After 50, you no longer need to put everyone else first. Women put EVERYONE first and ahead of their own feelings and actions. You can stop doing that. Now.  

So maybe this episode is about more than just bra-fitting. But if you are celebrating a big birthday soon and looking for ways to embrace that process – and find a fabulous rainbow in the cloud of getting older – just stop long enough to listen to Monica and Niki. They embraced new thinking and new things in general. Now they are unstoppable. 

It is this ability to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET that makes turning 50, or being over 50, so fabulous.   

More Fabulous Fifty Things to come, but in the meantime, we cannot thank Monica and Niki enough for their courage and their honesty – and we can’t wait until we can bring them back to talk to them on another episode!   


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