Color Analysis Trend: Yay or Nay? | EP 165

Is the 1980s color analysis trend coming back? Is digital image consulting now a thing, along with double-breasted suits, giant shoulder pads, and terrible perms   

It’s certainly starting to look that way, as your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is finding that digital color and style analysis is all the rage right now, and the hottest thing on TikTok. 

This week, we discuss the popularity of the 1980s book, Color Be Beautiful, and how a new wave of Ai and digital styling tools are bringing back color analysis. We also pick apart styling in a box and other online style apps that may or MAY NOT be helpful in creating your own personal style.  

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In general, this iconic bestselling style guide explained that there are 4 types of color palettes, named after the 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  

In her book, Carole Jackson asked, “What Season Are You?” Your choices were: 

Spring: Your colors are clear, delicate, or bright with yellow undertones. 

Summer: Cool, soft colors with blue undertones are right for you.  

Autumn: You look best in stronger colors with orange and gold undertones.

Winter: Clear, vivid, or icy colors with blue undertones make you look best.  

The promise of this concept was to help you define your color personality, learn to perfect your makeup, use color to solve body-shape issues, save money by developing a color-coordinated wardrobe for all occasions, and discover your clothing personality.  #thatscute

Wow. If this was truly the magic bullet for style success, some of us might not have a job as a personal stylist today! 


So, is it that this national phenomenon just faded away over the past 30 years? Was the concept wrong? Or did we just get lazier with the rise of the punk rock movement and the rise of fast fashion?   

In this episode, Holly takes you through her experience as she tries out a “Color Analysis” app on her phone. Her commentary, as she takes you step-by-step through the app’s style questionnaire proves to be both hilarious and frustrating. She tried to be open-minded. She tried. 

If you know Holly, she has a point of view on these questions – and especially – the results!  

In essence, the color you wear cannot be the easy answer to your style questions and concerns.   

  • Can certain colors make you feel better when you wear them? Absolutely!  

  • Are there some colors that are not good with your skin tone? Double Yes! 

  • Should you plan your life around being a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ Autumn?  Hell no!  

Why? Because, Fashion Besties, we do not shop for color. We shop for fit. This is our mantra, and you need to have that engraved on your brain.   

The other reason is that you can’t slap a band-aid on your style and expect miracles. When you do the work and know what works for your body type, then you have the freedom to pick the styles that fit you best, then choose the colors of your choice. 

Even before the pajama pant trend of the Covid era, the accepted work dress code and style has consistently gotten more and more casual.  

Do we like that? #EWNO 

Can we work around that? Well, some of us can.  

(Wait until you get the part in this episode about the recent dress code change in the U.S. Senate. There is a long discussion about hoodies and basketball shorts you need to hear!)  

If you go back to Holly’s foundational philosophy of “How to Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes,” you will remember these key things:  

  1. Shop for your body shape. 

  1. Dress your age. 

  1. Wear the correct undergarments. 

  1. Clean out your closet chaos.  

If you start buying clothes online by searching for “teal blue” then you have missed the message.   

Can you wear teal blue? Of course, you can!  (As long as it fits well and is age-appropriate – and is not the only color you ever wear.) 

Do not let subscription styling boxes or online apps that charge you money lull you into fashion security.  Artificial intelligence and robot warehouse packers cannot determine your style. You have to do the work.  

You still need your brain, and with the constant support of this podcast, you can dooooo iiiiit!  

Don’t give up. Just because “Casual Friday” has become “Casual Everyday” doesn’t mean you don’t need to get out of your style comfort zone.   

In fact, we applaud you for trying these apps and subscription services, because it means you care.  

Don’t let digital trends – or any trend – on TikTok or elsewhere dictate what to wear. We are old enough to know better.  

Do let Holly help you navigate your way to style success. She makes it easy, and very fun! This is what chic people do. 


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