10 Things That Are Fabulous About 50 | EP 167

Welcome to this special episode of the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST, where we celebrate the timeless allure of wisdom and the incredible journey of all women when they finally become “of a certain age.”

Your favorite personal stylist, and hostess with the mostest  – HOLLY KATZ – celebrated the BIG 5-0 this week!


How was it turning 50? She did it! And she lived through it! And, yes, it was a fabulous, fabulous day! 

But she woke up feeling like, in order to get a handle on her second half, she needed to have some clear well-being goals that were going to give her new thought patterns moving forward. #sowise 

Now that she is older and wiser, (right?) she decided that she wanted to shed some of the old self-limiting beliefs and create some new uplifting, self-loving beliefs.  

This year, like many of us, had some major growing pains. So, with a new therapist, and an optimistic outlook, we thought it would be perfect for us to reflect on 10 Things That are Fabulous about Being 50 (or turning 50, or halfway through your 50s, etc.)


10: You’re wearing the right bra.

At this point in your life, your bra is the right size. There’s no more guessing or wondering what your size is, you have the right bra which makes your clothes look better and fall correctly on your body. The bra-fitting experience is not only life-changing but also better for your posture and corrects any back issues that you may have. 

9: You get to choose your own friends. Yes, you do.

You now have the guts to remove people in your life that are no longer serving you. Think of this: after the last time someone takes advantage of you, or hurts your feelings, or takes you for granted – you need to be over it. Some people are in your life for a reason, some for a season, some for a lifetime.

8: You dress according to your body type.  

At this point, you are well aware of which clothes elevate your mood and make you happy. You are body-aware and love to wear clothes that flatter your figure and your shape, which means you have correctly identified your body type. This means you know what cuts and silhouettes look best on you. This means you only shop according to your body type, you do not shop for color, and you do not shop for price.

7: You’re not afraid to say NO.   

Or, at least you are getting better at saying no. Most of us do not want to disappoint people – and we may even bend over backward to not make people upset. We’d rather rearrange our schedule, just to avoid saying “no.” Is this you? Well, not anymore, Sister.

6: You continue to elevate your style as you age.

By now, you know your body type and you enjoy shopping because you know what looks best on you. You’re also not afraid to try new things that might be a little out of your comfort zone. You are wearing ‘elevated basics’ at home, which means you won’t embarrass yourself if the delivery guy rings your doorbell and he needs a signature.

5: You have self-care time each week.

If you are a person who doesn’t have control of their own schedule, chauffeurs kids in the car all day, is responsible for several people’s well-being, and/or takes care of a loved one or sick person – you need self-care time. If you’re working over 40 hours a week, or if you’re lucky just to eat lunch during the day or have time to pee in between meetings – this one is for you.

Listen up for the rest of the list on the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST, where we celebrate the timeless allure of wisdom and the incredible journey of all women when they finally start their fabulous 50s!


It’s going great, because we are in our 50s now, and we just don’t have so much baggage anymore. (And, you bought a copy of Holly’s new book for yourself and all your girlfriends, so now you have all the answers.)


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