Color Analysis with Stylist Abby Young | EP 172

In Episode 172 of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, host Holly Katz and special guest Abby Young dive deep into the world of fashion, style, and color analysis. Abby is a personal commercial and fashion wardrobe stylist hailing from the sunny shores of California. Together they explore the significance of color analysis in fashion!



Fashion Styling and Self-Image Transformation

Abby shares her remarkable journey from being an eighth-grade teacher (UM WHAAT) to transitioning into the world of fashion styling. She attributes her passion for fashion and her love for teaching as the driving forces behind this transformative career change. Abby also highlights her move from the chill vibes of Minnesota to the vibrant fashion scene of California, appreciating the state’s relaxed, bohemian atmosphere.

Holly and Abby then take a deep dive into the importance of style and self-expression, especially for mothers who might feel they’ve lost their fashion mojo after having children. Abby’s personal journey may resonate with many listeners who have considered reinventing themselves through fashion.

Color Analysis and Personalized Styling

As personal stylists, Holly and Abby discuss the art of guiding clients through a personalized style journey. Holly emphasizes the importance of analyzing a client’s silhouette and body type, enabling a strong foundation for personalized shopping with elite clients. Abby explains how the aging process can impact color choices, with colors generally remaining consistent every 10 years due to changes in the pigmentation of one’s complexion.

Abby underscores that high-level executives and entrepreneurs should invest in color testing to optimize their appearance and how they’re perceived by their audience. She employs various techniques to determine a client’s undertones, examining their skin tone across all four seasons and evaluating the contrast between their skin and the colors they wear.

Color Analysis and Fashion Advice

Holly and Abby explore the intricacies of color analysis, emphasizing that it goes beyond personal preference. Understanding how colors interact with different skin tones is crucial. They urge listeners to seek out trained professionals for in-person color analysis, as digital tests can be unreliable.

Color Analysis and The Personalized Styling Process

Holly asks about the specifics of Abby’s color analysis testing process, including duration and cost. Abby explains that her process typically takes around 30-45 minutes, with clients receiving their reports within one to two weeks. Clients can choose to work with Abby for clothing, makeup, or both. She also provides insights on selecting makeup colors that complement one’s skin tone and facial structure.

Abby’s Mantra:

“At the end of the day – or when in doubt on what to wear – wear something that brings you confidence, whether you are sure or not that it looks good, or it’s the right color. Wear something that you feel confident in when you leave the house because mentally you’ll feel more confident, and people will see that.”

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