Designer Spotlight: Jenette Bras | EP 168

We are SO EXCITED to introduce our Very Special Guest this week – The Master of Bra-Fitting – Jenette Goldstein of Jenette Bras.

Jenette is a former award-winning actor (Aliens) and founder of Jenette Bras, a bra-fitting boutique specializing in sizes D-K, with locations in L.A. and Atlanta. Her tagline: “The alphabet starts at “D”.” 

As we all know – this is Holly’s favorite subject. But for a twist, Holly is the one learning new lessons – and her MIND WAS BLOWN after a session with Jenette at her boutique in Atlanta.

Join us this week as Jenette shares her amazing story of how she went from Hollywood movie sets to creating a niche business from scratch – with no business experience – and has found great create success by serving woman in a category that has mostly been ignored.  



Jenette Goldstein is the co-founder and CEO of Jenette Bras, the nation’s premier bra-fitting boutique for full-busted women. The company was founded in East Hollywood in 2009 and has grown to include four shops in Southern California and two in Atlanta. 

She is also known for starring as Private Vasquez in the sci-fi horror film Aliens (1986), which won her the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

But what are here this week to celebrate her journey from successful actress to female entrepreneur – and the mountains she has climbed in between. 


For Jenette, this whole story may have started at age 12, when she visited the local “bra lady” with her mother, near a kosher butcher.  

This was mortifying, but her visits to mall stores were even worse. The fits were abysmal; either the cups were too small, or the band slipped down to her waist. The problem continued plaguing her throughout her life.  

With a 32 G bra size, describing herself as “small framed” yet “busty,” she grew increasingly frustrated.

But then, purely by divine intervention, she was in London and found a store servicing “girls that have a small ribcage and a fuller bust.” This experience literally changed her life, because this type of service and women’s undergarments in untypical sizes did not exist in the United States.  

Fast forward to somewhere around the time in her 40s, when she found acting jobs becoming scarce, because Hollywood sucks for women.

So, with no business experience, she and her artist husband decided to fill the missing gap in women’s bra sizes and options by opening their first Jenette Bras boutique in LA.  

She has since gone from launching a new career, a new company, expanding her brick-and-mortar stores, weathering the shutdown of COVID in the retail sector – and defying ageism – to become THE EXPERT in women’s foundation wear.

HOW TO BUY A BRA THAT FITS: The Importance of Bra Comfort & Self-Acceptance

A bra is the most technical piece of clothing to produce. You can compare it to a men’s tailored suit and or a finely made pair of shoes. 

A bra must do the work. For instance, a skirt doesn’t have to lift you, it can just look beautiful. The arch of a shoe must do the work: if it does support your arch, your whole body is affected. 

The job of a bra is incredibly complicated. It must give comfort, and support, and create a beautiful profile. Therefore, the research and development of making this item of clothing is intense.

“The price is not luxury pricing, it’s quality pricing.”

A bra is intimate. It is a beautiful piece of clothing. It’s what you put on first thing in the morning, and it should make you feel beautiful (as well as fit well, be comfortable, and create a gorgeous silhouette).

That is your secret power. This is your blueprint for getting dressed. This is the foundation of building a great outfit.  

Creating an outfit and feeling beautiful takes practice. And you really must start with the undergarments that support your body and give you the confidence that you need to feel fabulous in your clothes. 

Everyone has what they call “problem areas,” or parts of the body they are self-conscious about. But this should not bring shame or embarrassment.  

You have the power to reshape or support those areas so that you have the kind of confidence that makes you shine from within. Confidence is key.

Holly and Jenette discuss their favorite undergarment brands, the benefits of professional bra-fitting, and how bras are constructed so you can become an educated consumer! 

We had SO MUCH FUN meeting Jenette, and we are grateful for the wealth of knowledge she has imparted on us this week! 

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