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Take Note: “Work from Home” attire no longer means pajama pants. Most of us have had to migrate back to the real world at some level – whether it be hybrid, full-time or even still remote. 

It doesn’t really matter – you need to know what is acceptable to wear to work now – because while people are still dressing comfortably, there IS a dress code to follow. 


Let’s talk about the difference between pants and jeans. Some like to call them slacks. Some people call them trousers. The truth of the matter is, y’all have no excuse not to have a good-fitting and comfortable pair of slacks. #TRUTH

With the advancement of fabric technology, this is what people are really demanding: wrinkle free, easy to care for, easy to travel in, comfortable pants. By the way? This means you.

These are not sweatpants, or joggers, or pajama pants. They are pants made with quality fabrics and with quality seams and finishes. 

Shopping tip: Look for fabrics that give you a bit of stretch in the material, and importantly, a little support in the stomach and/or the butt.  Finely made slacks will hold you up and hold you in – and will take you through an active day without wrinkles. Loving this journey for you!

Slacks are real pants that can be seen in the real world. Just in case you forgot? I know I did for a hot minute. 

Choose a dark color to start the foundation of your outfit, like a navy, black, smokey grey or even burgundy.  Any of these colors will create a great foundation for work outfits.


All of these styles are on Holly’s Pinterest board – if you are ready to research and purchase. You can doooo it!

She has done all the work for you. You will find some moderately-priced, and some high-priced options, but for a quality pair of pants for work, you should be spending at least $150 or more for things that will incorporate into well-constructed outfit. 

Holly’ Picks for Pants:

High Rise Flair by Spanx

The Atala Pant by Veronica Beard

Maeve Avery High Rise Pleated Wide Leg Trouser at Anthropologie

Kick Cotton-Blend Cropped Pants from High Sport


If you want to really be comfortable – and be dressed nicely at the same time – the answer is always a dress or skirt.  You can move around, sit, look presentable in and out of the office, and be active. We are not talking fancy or dressy, but pretty and presentable dresses!

Wearing dresses and skirts are a favorite of Holly’s when working with her clients. Dresses are easier to wear more than anything else. It is the epitome of comfort when having to be on your feet all day, or moving around a lot, or talking to people all day. 

A dress is the no-brainer for a what to wear to work solution.  Just make sure you choose quality fabrics that you cannot see through (a lined dress is best), and that you conduct the Holly Sit-Down Test:  Your dress is too short if you sit down and you can see parts that shouldn’t been seen. Choose a knee-length dress for work; just make sure it’s not ass-tastic when you sit.

Also, these are not special occasion dresses. If you need shapewear to wear a certain dress, it’s not a work dress. You don’t need that kind of body-conscious stress in your life all day at work! #PREACH

Holly’s Picks for Dresses:

Petite Lena Dress by Hobbs London

Valentine Dress by Ramy Brook 

Averiee Draped Neck Midi Dress by Ted Baker

Kamala Dress by Trina Turk


Sleeve length is critical here. Some like to show their arms, some do not. It doesn’t really matter as a beautiful blouse on top of your solid foundational slack is the work outfit uniform you need. But, you should really have a mix of both, and not to wear the same thing all the time.

Holly’s Picks for Blouses:

Frankie Henley in Noir by Frame.

Nemona top by ba&sh

Calli Tuxedo Blouse by Reiss

Kallie Bodysuit by L’Agence

So, to recap: You wear pants with a top, or a comfortable dress, or a skirt with a top to work now. 2023. No pajama pants on the bottom for zoom. I will find you.

But that is not the end of it. There is much more we could discuss – like jackets, accessories and shoes. But we are taking baby steps back into the world. 

So, let’s start with pants.

Be the best dressed in your office. They should pay you for being so hot.


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