How to Style Sneakers | EP 128

This week we are talking about “How to Style Sneakers.” So, pay attention, women over 40! And we mean, waaaay over 40! 

One of the most common questions your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz gets is, “Am I trying to look too young by wearing sneakers?  

And the answer is a resounding, NO. There is actually a perfect way for you to look younger by wearing a hip pair of sneakers! 

(For those of you in the back of the room: Fashion sneakers are more popular than ever right now.)  

Not only are sneakers a multibillion-dollar industry, but they have also created a global movement of collectors and fans around the world that buy, sell, and trade for a living.

There are so many different types of brands and styles of sneakers, it’s confusing. You are probably very unsure about how to navigate through the zillions of choices when trying to purchase a pair.  

So just know this:  a good pair of sneakers is something that should always be a wardrobe staple for you. You only need to continually update the styles.  


As always, for the best podcast experience, please follow along on Holly’s curated Pinterest board just for you to see all the outfits and styles she will be discussing this week. 

A good pair of sneakers can last several years, if you take care of them and keep them looking new. Just like polishing your leather shoes, you can’t let your sneakers get beat up or worn down. That is NOT a good look (even though the Golden Goose brand may try to say otherwise.)  

Don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Sneakers go with most clothing items, but it’s important that you plan a cohesive outfit – and not wear basketball sneakers with a freaking dress.”  – Holly Katz 


There are many different categories of sneakers, but you only need to worry about 2. So, let’s break it down. 

  • The Recreation Sneaker
    • Rec Sneaker usually means this is just a shoe for looks, not for function, also called a                fashion sneaker. The Work-Out Sneaker, anything that you would go running in, or to the gym. PERIOD. 

FASHION CRIME ALERT: Your sneakers have a purpose: Either they are for working out, or they are for fashion. They don’t do both.  

Do not let Holly catch you in your On Running cloud workout shoes with a dress.  

DON’T DO IT! She will hunt you down and find you.  

#sorrynotsorry Brooks, Hoka, On Running, Reebok and Under Armour! #nobueno 

Holly’s favorite way to style sneakers? With leather or faux leather leggings and an oversized chunky knit sweater.   

There are so many ways to wear them! Try them with dresses, skirts (like a maxi skirt) suiting, and, definitely, with a mini skirt in the summer (instead of shorts).  


Obviously, this is the most common item to wear them with. But not with your Mom jeans and a sloppy sweat shirt. You need to ELEVATE YOUR LOOK if you are going to wear sneakers with jeans.   

Want a big fashion cheat? Wear a nice blazer over your jeans! You can even wear just a T-shirt, and then add your sneakers. But do not wear your work-out sneaks. #nomaam Otherwise, it will be a miss. Not a hit. 

Add lots of jewelry and a really nice handbag, and you are DRESSED UP! It’s magic. 


You can go for leggings or track pants (which are really on-trend) if you want to be more on the comfortable side.  

A rec sneaker, with large statement earrings and a trench coat is a super no-brainer when heading to the airport for long flight. Holly loves that look. You look dressed up, and put together, but not like you just rolled out of bed.  

It looks intentional, which is what we’re going for. 


Just so you know, Holly is 49 years young. Don’t get mad at us, but all the shit from high school is back.  And we mean: Air Force Ones, Tiger, Fila and K Swiss (which Holly wore every day of senior year of high school.)  It’s all back. Every bit of it. So, if you’re trying to get a sneaker that you already know you’re going to love, go for one of those! 


One last thing that we want to mention is the correct socks.  

If you are wearing a low-cut sneaker, that means it goes below your ankle bone. You don’t want to wear a full sock, so you need a no-show sock. 

Do Not Wear Sneakers Without Socks. Ew.

The best socks come just to the top of the back of the heel, and then they cover the entire top of your foot. Cover your foot, not your ankles. Or your calves all the way to your knee. No knee socks. Duh. We can’t believe we need to say this, but we do. 

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