Unraveling Hair Myths w/ Expert Cosmetologist Velia Ramson | EP 174

Hey Fashion Besties, this week Holly Katz (your podcast hostess with the mostest) is back with another fabulous episode of Fashion Crimes Podcast, your go-to for all things style, beauty, and fashion! We’re about to unfurl some hair truths with our amazing guest this week: cosmetologist and beauty educator, Velia Ramson.

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Introducing Velia Ramson

Our special guest this week is Velia Ramson, a veteran in the beauty industry with over 20 years of experience, a salon owner, and the brains behind the vegan and cruelty-free haircare product line Velia Beauty Co.

I have been a Master Stylist and Beauty Educator for over 20 years. Listening to clients share their hair care stories made me realize the need for a professional haircare line that offers simple styling and maintenance solutions to help them feel more confident in their everyday lives.

As a seasoned hairstylist who takes pride in her work and ability to foster hundreds of close client relationships, her brand identity is “We’re in this together.” Velia wants her clients to know that they are heard and understood, and whatever their color, cut, or styling goals are, she is there to support them while interjecting her expertise along the way.

Her decision to create her own haircare line, Velia Beauty Co., was a natural outgrowth of her philosophy that clients should be enabled to achieve salon quality results when styling their hair. Velia Beauty Co. allows her to offer the highest quality haircare products without the guesswork. It’s a little bit of “Velia” in your morning routine!

This “good-for-you” haircare line nurtures your hair and scalp with weightless, all-natural formulas that boast a healthy shine and UV protection without buildup or residue. Easy-to-use formulations help you take effortless control of your hair, allowing you to look and feel your best with minimal time investment.

Deep Dive Discussion:

Velia Ramson takes us on her career journey, from pioneering mobile salons to gracing TV shows.
The common haircare mistakes according to Velia – are the wrong products, infrequent washing, and the misuse of sulfate-free shampoos.
Velia busts myths around hair washing, explaining the need for proper cleansing and the role of sulfates.
She shares tips on choosing the right hairbrush and the importance of brushing technique.
She also clears up the misconceptions about dry shampoo and how it should be used.
Together, Holly and Velia address the enigma of graying hair and the internal process that stops melanin production.
Velia tells us all about her product line, Velia Beauty Co, which marries efficacy with natural ingredients.

Quick Tips:

Velia’s advice on embracing natural curls and managing frizz.
The proper way to dry and style hair, starting when it’s 75% wet for best results.

Final Takeaways:

Understanding the importance of styling tools and techniques tailored to your hair type and lifestyle.
How to adapt your hair care routine with age and changing hair texture.

This lively conversation is as fun as it is informative! You WILL learn new ideas about haircare and cleansing that you never knew you needed to know.

And, we can’t wait to have Velia back for more discussions on weaves, color trends, and cutting-edge styles.

Please follow and like Velia Ramson at www.viliabeautyco.com and on Instagram @velia.beauty.co!

Thank you for tuning in! Keep slaying in style and remember to wash that hair right, as Velia says. Follow us for more style scoops, and don’t forget to catch us next week for another fabulous episode!

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