True Fashion Crimes of Holly & Nolan | EP 98

OMG: Our “Very Best Gay of the Podcast,” Mr. Nolan Meader, is BACK this week! 

Since it’s summer and everyone is sending us “Out of Office” replies (RUDE!), Holly and Nolan decided to shoot the shit about what they have been up to lately, what fashion adventures they will be having next – and for the first time ever – a list of Holly and Nolan’s Personal Fashion Crimes!!

Yes, it can happen to even the best of us. 

As Nolan loves to say: “Style is a journey. We are constantly evolving our style and tastes, and that is OK. However, it is still fun to make fun the of dumb stuff we do sometimes.”

This week’s episode starts with a recap of Nolan’s fabulous fashion life. He is a busy working gal about town (NYC), styling people near and far (Milan), managing fashion events, eating desserts… you know, important stuff!


Of course, along the way, they do get a bit side-tracked here (look, a squirrel!) with a story about a trip to one of Nolan’s favorite designer showrooms: Markarian

This designer combines timeless design with modern grace, and her clothes are TO.DIE.FOR. They are very dressy designs, and once Holly was in the door, it was game-over shopping!

Other fun events of recent weeks include celebrating up-and-coming designers at the NYC Fashion Group International (FGI) annual “Rising Stars” event. One of our Podcast Besties and past guests, Julie Lamb, was awarded the Rising Star Award for Jewelry Design. 

(If you missed that episode, jump over to EP 93 | Julie Lamb NY.) 

This daytime event, and dinner afterward with Fashion super stars like Global Fashion Ambassador Ken Downing and more, was a spectacular celebration with the true fashion insiders of NYC! 

Finally, Holly and Nolan finally move on to their own Personal Fashion Crimes of late, poking a lot of fun at themselves. What are Fairy Gay Mothers for anyway?? Amiright??

In the words of the legendary Joan Rivers: “When you can laugh at yourself no one can ever make a fool of you.”

Nolan’s Top Personal Fashion Crimes:

  1. A bronze/rust-colored silk trench coat with crystal trim embellishments.
  2. Drinking 8 glasses of cognac when you don’t drink cognac and have an 8:00 a.m. styling appointment the next day. Shopping drunk resulted in a very expensive purchase. As a reminder for fans of the podcast, Nolan has a “Coat Problem.” (Not a Coke Problem!)

“The moral of the story is: do not irresponsibly spend money while you’re still drunk from the night before unnecessarily on a distressed leather trench coat, because how many times am I really going to wear that?” – Nolan Meader, Coat Addict

  1. Splitting the crotch out of some very expensive pants at a fashion show, and having to continue on to other events afterward, literally with his ass hanging out.
  2. Buying something that everyone has – and that you think you must have – but it looks like shit on you. His crime was a Marine Serre Half-Moon turtleneck.
  3. Holly also tried multiple times to call Nolan out on his favorite green sequin turtleneck which might or might not make him look like Aquaman, but he would not have it. At all. 
  4. Constantly buying new dress shoes when he only wears his one favorite pair. Don’t buy shit you will never wear, or do not need… Like his “Eiffel Tower” rhinestone black blazer, maybe!?

Holly’s Personal Fashion Crimes:

  1. Wearing an amazing sequin trench coat combined with too many other statement pieces: she wore it with a patterned dress from Japan, printed Gucci boots AND a fringe leather piece all at the same time. TOO MUCH.
  2. A hot pink and black bandage dress (a style from the 80s) with a cut out detail reimagined by Proenza Schouler. Damn- hate to see this go. Nolan insists it will be sold on The RealReal asap. 
  3. Gucci Horsebit Clogs. Nolan says: “You look like a Mennonite working on a farm.” No.
  4. Her ostrich feather BCBG eggplant purple vest. We can’t even find an example of that one. Nolan said it was too chicken-esque.
  5. Her honeymoon travel outfit: a bright pink Lilly Pulitzer suit with gold lame trim. It had so much gold thread that she couldn’t even get through the metal detector at the airport. (TBH: Nolan was only in the 7th grade at the time, and Holly didn’t have a stylist yet.)

Lessons learned today? Everyone has their own style. What we wear in fashion. A fashion crime occurs when your individual style has a trainwreck with fashion. 

(We know that feels like a math equation. Try to keep up.)

So, what is next for our favorite personal stylists? A lot of fashion events, and a lot of travel to Europe: London and Paris to start. 

Stay tuned for these adventures and more!! And don’t forget: our 100th episode is coming up and we have a mind-blowing special guest. NOT KIDDING!


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!”

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz, with guest host Nolan Meader.

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