The 2024 Oscars Red Carpet Review | EP 187

Welcome to a glittering episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, your ultimate spot for all things fashion and style, do’s and don’t’s, crimes and awards! Be sure to hit up your Pinterest board for the week with all of the star discussed in this episode, so you can follow along!!!

This week, we’re diving into the dazzling world of the 2024 Oscars who flew high and who crashed and burned.

Fashion Crimes Podcast: Oscars 2024 Extravaganza!

Dive into the heart of glamour with our special Oscars 2024 episode. Join Holly Katz – your favorite personal stylist – and BFF Jessica Kupferman, as they dissect the night’s biggest fashion moments, from breathtaking gowns to the more questionable choices that had us all thinking about what the hell happened.

Introduction to Oscars 2024:

Dive into the glitz and glamour of Oscars week. We reminisce about the insightful beauty tips from last week’s guest, skin expert Monina Wright, and set the stage for an evening of fashion critiques and applause.

The Dynamic Duo: Holly & Jessica K Back Together:

Jessica shares insights from her journey in the podcasting world, highlighting the strength of women’s voices in media. A trip down memory lane with Holly reveals the depth of their relationship and reminds Jess that she has had a friendship with Holly over several decades in case she forgot. She also commends Jessica for hanging in there for this long.

Fashion Hits and Misses:

From Laverne Cox’s standout black mermaid dress that stole the show to Zanna Roberts Rassi’s iconic checkerboard dress, we cover the night’s top fashion statements. Not all was smooth sailing, as we dive into Billy Eilish’s controversial outfit choice, (just why), sparking a debate on fashion risks and fails.

Interviewer Insights:

Snaps for Laverne Cox’s exceptional interviewing skills on the red carpet. We delve into the contributions of fashion commentators from E-Online like Heather McMahan, Keltie Knight, Zuri Hall, and Christian Siriano, adding depth to our discussion with their opinions.

Stunning Statements and Fashion Faux Pas:

Eva Longoria’s understated elegance contrasts sharply with the more perplexing choices of the night. Hailee Steinfeld’s mermaid ensemble by Elie Saab (BEST DRESSED), is highlighted as a pinnacle of Oscar fashion. TO. DIE. FOR.

Men’s Fashion: A Mixed Bag:

We tackle the men’s fashion of the evening, from Ryan Gosling’s debonair custom Gucci suit to The Rock’s unexpectedly metallic silver Dolce & Gabbana ensemble, proving that men’s fashion at the Oscars is anything but predictable. But can the Rock ever look bad? I’m sorry but no.

Closing Thoughts: Fashion Crimes and Wins:

Our episode wraps up with a recap of the night’s with Holly & Jessica’s fashion crimes and wins, crowning Hailee Steinfeld (duh) along with several other honorable mentions that you’ll hopefully agree with.

Too Gorg not to mention:  

Charlize Theron (SLAYYY), Carey Mulligan, (SLAAYYY), and Issa Rae (SLLAAYYY) to name a few, whose timeless beauty and effortess style proved less is more.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for an intriguing episode on Menopause and Style, as we explore if and how style evolves with age. Plus, get ready for our special coverage of the upcoming Met Gala, promising even more fashion critiques and celebrations.

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