Skin Care Expert Monina Wright | EP 186

Welcome to another fabulously fashionable episode of the Fashion Crimes Podcast, Episode 186, “Skin Care Expert Monina Wright”!

It’s me, Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist and the Hostess with the Mostest, bringing you the best in fashion, style, and now skincare tips that you absolutely need in your life.

Today, we are diving deep into the world of skincare with the magnificent Monina Wright, a licensed esthetician, professional makeup artist, beauty trainer, and the CEO of Moderne Beauty and Aesthetics. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, Monina has transformed her early struggles with acne into a career of helping others look and feel their absolute best.

Key Points from the Episode:

Early Challenges and Career Path

Monina shares her compelling journey, starting with her own battle with acne at just nine years old. This personal struggle not only led her to discover the field of aesthetics but also instilled in her a deep understanding of the psychological impact of skin issues.

Her narrative takes us through her early career, initially in preschool teaching, and how her passion for makeup, combined with her skincare knowledge, naturally evolved into a professional path. Her transition highlights how personal challenges can fuel a fulfilling career that helps others overcome similar obstacles.

The Importance of Skincare

Emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between skincare and makeup, Monina discusses how addressing skin concerns at the root can enhance overall beauty. She delves into the significance of understanding one’s skin, including the effects of diet and gut health on skin condition. This point underscores the philosophy that beauty is not just surface level but deeply intertwined with our overall health and well-being.

Tips for Aging Skin

Focusing on women over 40, Monina provides invaluable advice on combating the signs of aging, with a particular emphasis on sun protection as a cornerstone of skincare.

She explains the science behind sun damage and its long-term effects on the skin, advocating for daily sunscreen use as a non-negotiable part of one’s skincare routine. Additionally, she touches on the importance of exfoliation in maintaining skin vitality, offering practical tips for integrating this step into skincare regimens.

Professional Advice and Personal Care

Highlighting the value of professional skincare consultations, Monina advises listeners on how to approach skincare treatments and routines with a personalized plan. She stresses the need for customization in skincare, reflecting on her practice of working closely with clients to identify their unique skin concerns and tailor treatments accordingly.

Through her expert tips, Monina encourages listeners to prioritize their skin, illustrating how small, consistent acts of care can lead to significant improvements in skin health and appearance.

Love The Skin You Are In!

Monina offers our fashion besties a deep dive into the transformative power of skincare, especially for women navigating the changes that come with aging.

Her expertise, combined with personal experiences and professional insights, makes for an episode packed with valuable advice for anyone looking to enhance their beauty routine and embrace their skin with confidence.

Don’t miss the chance to learn from Monina by checking out her work and following her for more skincare wisdom!

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