Sustainable Jewelry Designer Amanda Pearl

We are so lucky to score two fantastic guests for this special episode! Amanda Pearl Brotman is the founder and designer of AMANDA PEARL, a sustainable accessories and jewelry brand. Plus, Kelly Kratus Nelson, the Director of Operations for AMANDA PEARL, also joins the show. First, Amanda and Kelly speak about their revolutionary brand and the inspiration behind providing luxury jewelry at affordable prices. Amanda explains the difference between unethical diamonds and ethical diamonds. Tune in as we chat about celebrity press that AMANDA PEARL has received, while we reveal our favorite pieces from their collections! This is next level, people~you won’t want to miss it!!


In This Episode:

  • [03:30] All about Amanda and how AMANDA PEARL started.  
  • [10:55] The difference between ethical diamonds and unethical diamonds. 
  • [12:40] How Kelly Kratus Nelson fits into the picture.  
  • [18:30] The moments that stick out most for Amanda and Kelly while growing AMANDA PEARL.  
  • [26:55] Do not buy fake jewelry; instead, save up and buy a designer piece.  
  • [30:00] Kelly and Amanda talk about their favorite pieces EVER! 
  • [40:00] The future endeavors for AMANDA PEARL. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Unethical diamonds have been underground for billions of years; digging them up is destroying the landscape. 
  • Ethical diamonds are chemically and optically the same as diamonds mined in the earth, but they’re made with technology.
  • Buy jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing; your pieces shouldn’t be living in a safe. 
  • Most likely, you are paying way too much for jewelry; shop with AMANDA PEARL – they have cut out the middlemen. 



AMANDA BROTMAN: Founder / Creative Director

New York based Amanda Pearl Brotman is the founder and designer of AMANDA PEARL, a sustainable accessories brand whose aesthetic is a study in dualities, creating a truly modern sensibility and approach to jewelry.

Born and raised in the Seattle, Amanda’s childhood was both full of culture and the arts, and the freedom to explore the wild outdoors. Twelve years studying and performing with Pacific Northwest Ballet instilled an unerring discipline and sharp attention to detail, which was tempered by her ceaseless curiosity about the natural world.

Constantly pushing boundaries, Amanda left for NYC where she received a degree in Art History and Visual Arts from Barnard College. After a tenure at Marc Jacobs, in the technical design and production departments, Amanda brought her experience to Erin Fetherston’s womenswear label, where she was Collection Director, before decamping to launch AMANDA PEARL.

Amanda is settled in NYC with her husband and boys, but still considers the Pacific Northwest ‘home’ – drawing upon its stunning natural beauty and innovative spirit as inspiration for her work.

Amanda won the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for her handbag designs, and was most recently a finalist in the fine jewelry category.

KELLY KRATUS NELSON: Director of Operations

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Kelly has called New York City home for almost a decade. In 2014 she joined the AMANDA PEARL team first as an intern while completing her degree in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons, and later as the Operations Coordinator.

She credits the strong females in her family, and her education at an all girl’s high school, to giving her the knowledge and experience of the magic that happens when women support each other. Her desire and commitment to the AMANDA PEARL team is not only because she believes in the product, but because she feels aligned to the vision that Amanda continues to create.

Kelly resides in Brooklyn with her husband and (to the dismay of her family) two cats.

Fun Fact: At her wedding in April 2018, Kelly’s “Something Borrowed” was Amanda’s veil, and her “Something New” was the Ripple Climber Full Pavé Earrings in white gold.


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Amanda Pearl






“You want to wear it. You want to enjoy it. Life is short. I’m not designing things to stay in a safe.” -Amanda


“I’m very hard on jewelry, so it’s kind of nice to be able to shower with it.” -Kelly

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