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It’s the best time of the year, Award Show Season! Currently, we are recovering from the fashion tragedies that took place at the Oscars. Sadly, someone tried to kill Glenn Close by putting her in a terrible outfit but that’s besides the point. She did redeem herself by doing ‘Da Butt’ so we gave her a pass. There are some elephants in the room that Nolan addresses, including Carey Mulligan and gold Valentino Couture. Later, we chat about the major fashion crime at the Oscars; yes, we’re talking about Laura Dern. I mean, she kinda looked like Plumette from Beauty and the Beast but in a chic way? Listen now as we do a deep dive into our favorite and not-so-favorite looks from the event.

In This Episode:

  • [06:35] The best looks at the Oscars this year (even though the bar was so low). 
  • [14:30] Nolan addresses the elephant in the room; who attacked Glenn Close?  
  • [19:35] We have a love-hate relationship with Halle Berry and her fashion choices. 
  • [27:30] Laura Dern is fabulous; however, her outfit was a major fashion crime. 
  • [29:45] There are two more elephants in the room: Carey Mulligan and gold Valentino Couture. 
  • [36:10] Holly and Nolan dive into the rest of their favorite and not-so-favorite Oscars looks. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t let your age stop you from being fashionable; there are so many incredibly dressed women at every age.
  • You need to have lipstick on if you’re going to the Oscars; that’s a given. 
  • If you know Glenn Close, please tell her to fire her personal stylist. 


Links Mentioned:

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  • “I have a straight girl crush on [Angela Bassett], and she can do no wrong fashionably to me.” -Holly
  • “I am just recovering from the fashion tragedies that took place last night.” -Nolan

Listen now!

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