Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas | EP 90

What to Wear on Mother’s Day & Outfit Ideas | EP 90

Happy Mother’s Day, Stepmother’s Day, and Moms of All Types Day!!

Because being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Put that on repeat.

As you may know, Holly is FAMOUS for helping people plan out “what to wear” for the important events and holidays in their lives. And other than your birthday, Mother’s Day is the second most important day in your life.

“I’m telling you to be overdressed and impractical. To spend what you want to spend, go where you want to go, drink overpriced wine, and live like it’s your last day.” – Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist. 

In this week’s episode, Holly is sharing how to dress and how to enjoy Mother’s Day like the Queens that you are!

You should indulge. Eat something that’s really bad for you – and then drink a lot. Do something different. Dress in a way that makes you feel on top of the world. Lock the door and don’t feel bad about it. Be an attention whore. That’s one of Holly’s many genetic gifts. 

Do you need some selfish coaching? LOOK NO FURTHER. (We are just full of the best self-help advice you would ever need this week.)

Why is Mother’s Day important? Or in Holly’s case, Stepmonster Day!

Because Moms (this means you) are the glue that holds a family together. They are the most important person in the house. And believe us when we say this – because if you don’t – then you should go to a hotel for a week alone, and just see how your family gets along without you. Without your guidance, your instructions, and your presence. It would NOT be okay.


Anyway, back to the program…

What You Need for a Mother’s Day Outfit: Holly’s insider tips and recommendations. 

As always, be sure to check her Pinterest boards for visuals, links and more ideas:

  1. Shoes – The styles and brands you need to kick up your outfits, and where to get them!
    1. Della Terra Shoes
    2. Ally Shoes
    3. My Jojo Shoes
    4. Saks Off 5th

2. Dresses – Hand-picked dress lengths, types and designers for you need to know!

    1. Dillard’s
    2. Milly
    3. Johanna Ortiz
    4. La Double J

3. Handbags – The 3 types of handbags you need to own to be ready for every occasion!

    1. See my ‘How to Buy a Handbag” episode here.

4. Jewelry – Less is more. Do not save ANY jewelry for ‘special occasions.’ Jewelry is made to be worn. And, mix your metals, and mix your costume with your real. 

And one final recommendation: do not stress. Go shopping in your own closet first! Wear what you know looks the best on you, be comfortable – but pretty! And dress up everything with accessories, shoes and a great bag.

And go see all ideas you will ever need on Holly’s Pinterest boards!

Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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