How to Pose in Photos w/Fashion Photographer Andrew Werner | EP 89

Do you know the secret to looking good in photos? Is it your outfit? Being naturally photogenic? Being a supermodel?  

The answer in short is: No.  


Check out this week’s new episode to get the pro tricks of how to pose in photos from Andrew Werner, fashion photographer extraordinaire! 

Your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is back with our new BFFF, photographer Andrew Werner, who tells us the inside scoop of his life as a fashion photographer, becoming a new designer of accessories, and the insider secrets of how to look your best in photos. 

Andrew grew up surrounded by the clothing business and has always had a passion for the arts.

This eventually evolved into taking photos professionally, not only of fashion but of the many things his eye found beautiful – from people and products to street styles and red-carpet celebrities.  

His talent for seeing beauty through the eye of his camera lens has led him to a successful photography career, as well as being known as a knowledgeable style expert.  

Andrew’s knowledge of the camera, lighting, angles, clothing design, body types, and current trends has resulted in stunning and creative photos. And while we love his photos, Holly really wants the dirt on what he’s learned as a photographer. 

How does he coach people to make them look so good in photos? Is there a secret formula the normal person can use?  

Many people hate having their photos taken. We can feel stiff, uncomfortable, unnatural, or awkward.

But Andrew tells us that with some encouragement from an experienced photographer, and something he calls the “sundial approach” – we can all learn how to look our best in photos! 

But we are not giving away the secrets here! You must listen to this episode at or wherever you get your podcasts.

In addition, Andrew is now the creator of a most GORGINA new fashion accessory, the designer boutonniere.  After seeing so many men on the red carpet in black tuxes – where you cannot truly appreciate the design or fabric of their outfits, Andrew went to his friends in the design district in NYC to get textile remnants to make flower boutonniere pins.

He has expanded into all levels of materials, including jewelry, and is excited to give men (and women) new choices in high-style accessories. Learn about his new line, Fleur’d Pins. 

We can’t wait for you to meet Andrew! Get the episode at now, or wherever you get your podcasts. 


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed” 

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz! 

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