Holly-Day Gift Guide Menswear Exclusive: Taelor.Style | EP 121

Fashion Friends! Join us this week as we welcome not one – but THREE – amazing entrepreneurial superstars: Anya, Phoebe and Melissa, who have created Taelor.Style, a super savvy menswear fashion subscription box service that offers hundreds of brands and styles for any man’s social life or work life, including blazers, shirts, jackets, sweaters, polos, pants and more. 


You MAY think that their business model is similar to other subscription box services, but there has never been a styling or fashion rental service for men ONLY, and let’s face it, who needs more help in this area? #Duh #MostMen! 


So, these three rockstars came together to create a menswear rental subscription service in the United States that offers some of the world’s most famous brands that let’s men RENT, WEAR, and RETURN! No laundry, no shopping, no guesswork. 


Their Mission?  

To help men achieve their goals by building confidence in how they look and feel when connecting with others. 


Taelor.Style helps people to be the best version of themselves every day, without spending time chasing after their clothes. And, they play a part in saving the environment by extending the life of garments and supporting sustainable fashion. 


Just who are Anya, Phoebe and Melissa? And how did they come together to build this very successful business: 

Anya Cheng, former eBay & Facebook’s head of product, with strong e-commerce experience working for Target and other major brands

Phoebe Tan, Anya’s University of Chicago MBA classmate 


Holly interviews all three this week, where we learn how they found each other, how they discovered this very unique niche in the on-line fashion category, and how this subscription service is different than the others out ther.



What man needs to waste time worrying about their wardrobe or what looks good on them? Taelor.Style helps them make fewer decisions so they can free their brains up for what really matters. #FACTS



Why spend money on clothes you will only wear a few times? Simplify your life by owning less and enjoying more. Take out the complications of figuring out what’s in or out, let them do the work for you!


By renting clothes rather than owning them, you’ll reduce waste and help save the environment while refreshing and keeping your wardrobe rotating without buying more. 


How It Works: 


  1. The monthly subscription fee for Taelor is $88 USD per month, and users would receive 8 stylist-picked or AI-picked clothes. They do not charge additional transportation fees and dry-cleaning costs. 
  2. Stylists and AI pick clothes for you, based on your preference & purpose. 

     3. Wear for weeks, Free shipping, no commitment to buy, get up to 70% off retail price if you keep items!

     4. Swap instead of shop! No more shopping or laundry, just return with prepaid envelope, get free shipping & laundry, and then just wait for your next box!  

How Can This Possibly Work? No Man Knows His Size! 


  1. With stellar customer service, Ai software, some very experienced and talented fashion industry experts, and believe it or not, trial and error – this service provides ample opportunity and ease for trying things on and returning them to quickly get men to their best fit.  


How Does Taelor.Style Pick the Brands They Offer? 


  1. It is really important that the brands chosen aligned with their mission. So, one of requirements is that they play upright and save the environment. Taelor.Style is trying to promote a circular fashion model. Why buy something that you don’t think you would wear often, when it just sits in the closet collecting dust?  The rental business philosophy takes a lot of that waste out of your closet.  

     2. The brands they partner with are sustainable brands. They take time to know a brand’s manufacturing, fabric selection and design processes in addition to the brand’s sustainable elements throughout manufacturing stages.

     3. Taelor.Style does not offer fast fashion or luxury high-end fashion. Their focus in on performance, quality, style and comfort.  The average price point falls between $100-200 per item.

Holly’s Point of View? 

  1. Holly has always promoted sustainable fashion practices.  She loves that this company is offering a moderately-priced option for customers who want to elevate their style! This is perfect for nearly ALL OF AMERICA, people!  

     2. This service is for anyone and everyone who wants to look good in a fashion forward and understandable, unintimidating way. Taelor.Style takes the fear of shopping away, helps people find what fits them well and looks best on them. They also take the fear of commitment away when as the customer is under no obligation to buy, unless the feel inclined to do so.  

This is what we call a STYLE WIN-WIN! We are excited for all of our Fashion Friends to find this new tool for their husband, brother, cousin, neighbor, brother-in-law, dad, friend, etc. This may even start giving men a voice in an area where they may be afraid to step up and try, or even ask for help.   

As you know, the first step when inproving your style is awareness. Then comes change. And Your Favorite Personal Stylist, Holly Katz, definitely thinks they can really help elevate fashion change:  



Taelor.Style provides an on-demand clothing rental service monthly subscription. Pick, Wear, Return. Own less and enjoy more! 


“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed!” 


Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or at https://apple.co/2XXKHfC. 


Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz! 

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