Holly-Day Gift Guide Designer Spotlight: JGame – Sustainable Tennis & Activewear | EP 122

Riddle us this: What does a former meteorologist, the sport of tennis, the fashion industry, and the recycling of plastic bottles have in common?

A superstar entrepreneur named Jackie Meretsky, who created Jgame, a new tennis and activewear line focused on style and sustainability! #AMAZEBALLS

“Tennis’ popularity (and now Pickleball) – and the accompanying apparel – has exploded globally in recent years. The activewear is now a statement of style and must now co-exist with functionality. But, I wanted to take things a little further… if sportswear can represent your style, can’t it also represent your values? I think so! 

This is why I decided to create JGame, which merges effortlessly chic and classic styles with beautiful, recycled fabrics that are eco-friendly, locally sourced, and ethically made right here in NYC.” 

– Jackie Meretsky, founder of JGame.

This week, your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz introduces us to JGame, a female-founded, eco-conscious and ethically made NYC-based brand. 


If you love tennis, care about reducing your carbon footprint and want to look effortlessly chic on and off the court, then JGame is what you are looking for.  

Each stylish piece, made with high-quality recycled fabrics, is designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. 

Our guest is a full-time mother, a former meteorologist and now the female founder of a new company. How does this happen? With a passion for tennis, a lot of research and a commitment to a brand profile that is driven by not contributing to something that will hurt our environment, while at the same time, offering style and function.

That does not sound easy, and it’s not. But Jackie has the energy and drive to manage her family, learn an entirely new business category AND create and run a unique and interesting niche in the crowded world of sportswear. 

What is the secret sauce? She loves tennis. So, she knows what women want to wear (and men and children) when participating in an active and demanding sport. You need comfort, fit, performance, style – and to offer something more than the Big Boys in the sports apparel arena.

Jackie’s difference? Environmentally conscious materials that include chips of recycled plastic bottles, which helps to decreases the greenhouse gas emissions that are created by processing virgin polyesters. 

She also demands local manufacturing and produces her fashion line just a short drive from Manhattan in New York.

Sustainability is the Difference – The 3 Pilars of JGame:

  1. Recycled Fabrics

Their garments are made from fabrics that are 75-100% recycled polyester, which is made by using PET from clear plastic bottles.  The plastic bottles are broken down into small chips, and those chips then go through a process that turns them into yarn. #oooooaaahhhh

      2. Local Manufacturing

JGame is proud to have a manufacturing partner just a short drive from their headquarters in Manhattan. Manufacturing locally can make a tremendous impact – shorter distances mean less CO2 emissions. When they need to make a new sample or check on the sewing of a garment, they aren’t adding significant greenhouse gas emissions caused by cargo ships and sea freight traffic. 

       3. Sustainable Packaging

They are targeting packaging in several ways: first by partnering with a sustainable packaging company that delivers high quality packaging that is either compostable, reusable, or recyclable. If you are purchasing JGame at a pop-up, your packaging will be as simple as a recycled paper bag accompanied by recycled tissue paper. If you’re buying online, you’ll receive your goods in a minimalist, recycled mailer.

“Like much of the fashion industry, sportswear often turns toward fast fashion with little accountability vis-á-vis environmental protection, working conditions and carbon emissions.”   

But JGame is not all about function. It’s about form, too! And by that, we mean skirts, tops, dresses, shorts and visors made in fun and flirty colors, with a fabulous fit and a nice side of sassy. Yasssss!

We are absolutely obsessed with Jackie’s designs, and you will be, too! Please be sure to check out Holly’s exclusive Pinterest board featuring all her favorite JGame styles!


If you go to the JGame website and use the discount code “HOLLY” – you will get 20% off your purchase!  This is only for our special listeners and fashion friends. You’re Welcooommee!!

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