Christmas Style Gift Guide & Giveaway | EP 71

Ho Ho Ho, #Fashion Friends! And Happy HOLLY Days!

If you are not ready for Christmas, it is not our fault. Because we are on our SECOND – count ’em, TWO, holiday #styleguides and gift giveaways – and Holly has been telling you since freaking Hanukkah what to wear for your events, and what gifts to buy for people you like.

This week on our social, we have been running the #FashionCrimesPodcasts Christmas Style Guide and Gift Giveaway – valued at over $525, which features more designer #BestieBrands that YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW! #duh

As you know, our favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is on a mission help people build confidence by teaching them about their personal style – and one way she is able to do this for her clients – is by tracking down fashions and brands that work best for them. 

In this process, she has found some women-owned small businesses that are quite frankly amazealls, led by BADASS up and coming designers and creators – and she is here to share them with you. 

On this episode, we are featuring the designers of 5 new Bestie Brands, ranging from luxury lingerie to custom tie-dyed fashions, and of course, now they are our #BFFFs! (Best Fashion Friends Forever)

5 Brands You Need to Know:

  1. Made By Keeper: Custom tie-dye fashions and accessories
  2. KKira Feet Shoes: Shoes that make you smile
  3. Vienne Milano: Italian-made luxury thigh-high stockings
  4. TITOV Label: Luxury lingerie
  5. Paridaez: Contemporary convertible clothing


We are so excited we found this fun and ON TREND designer, Lindsey of Made by Keeper.  Lindsey LITERALLY tie-dyes anything and everything and has the most fun clothing items and accessories for humans, for babies, for doggies – you name it. 

Her brand is all about keepin’ it comfy and cozy. So, from hoodie and jogger sets (SO ON BRAND!), to socks and shorts, to kitchen towels and dog hoodies – if you want it tie-dyed, they have got it for you.

#MadebyKeeper also likes to do one-off items and custom items. Got some favorite white tennis shoes you’d like to have in your school colors? They can splatter paint them for you! It’s so fun and creative and the options are endless.

Also, be sure to listen to hear all about Lizzo wearing her gear; #truestory UM……YAAAAS!!

Shop Made by Keeper at


Holly welcomes Mauryn, a self-taught shoe designer that is not for the faint of heart – and we are here for all of it!!!

Kkira Feet Shoes, pronounced “Chirrah,” are handcrafted in Italy, is black-woman owned small business, and their brand motto is:  Shoes that make you smile! How fabulous is this?

#Kkirafeetshoes was essentially created so that they can inspire people to express their true selves. In other words, to express themselves authentically and not worry so much about what things you should or shouldn’t wear. Buy what makes you happy! These styles are very colorful. fun and for the out of of the box fashionista.

Mauryn wanted shoes that were eye catching and that made a bold statement.  So dammit, she designed her own. Her designs are very original and different – so be prepared!! She features everything from flats, sneakers, heels to chunky lace up boots. 

Her shoes are made to order, so that means that they are not mass-produced. Each pair is made specifically for the person who has ordered them. And, in order to keep that concept, they do not have a traditional brick and mortar store, but have big plans for an ultimate shopping experience for customers in the future! Stay tuned!

KKira shoes are about to become a BFD, and Holly loves this kind of brand and story. They have been featured in tons of national and international magazines – but remember  – you heard it here first. 

Shop Kkira Feet Shoes at


We have featured #VienneMilano before on our show, because we cannot get enough of her stylish, sexy, practical, elegant and luxurious hosiery. Vienne hails from Boston, and started her business after she couldn’t find thigh high stockings that would stay up on her leg, or a product that matched what she needed. 

At the time, she worked in corporate America and wanted thigh high stockings, or hosiery that she could wear everyday to work, and that would be appropriate for work. 

She also didn’t need them to cost over $100. #umthatsanofromme  So, she decided to solve her own damn fashion dilemma, despite the fact that she doesn’t come from a design or fashion design background. 

Instead, she did her research and with her then business partner, they traveled to Italy to research and interviewed suppliers, and now have all of their products made there. 

Our girl Holly did not believe for ONE SECOND that she could ever get away with stockings without the benefit of their shaping and support parts. But she has seen the light! She is Vienne Milano convert! 

She has worn these thigh highs, and she has worn them again! She was comfortable in them all day and could pee with ease, #justsayin and went all day without having to sweat to death pulling her things down and then pulling them all the way up. She is a believer! 

But more important, are Vienne’s gorgeous styles. She has a “permanent” collection – which features the thigh-high styles that have been around for decades (only nicer!), and a “signature” collection. The signature collection are more fashion-forward that are designed by Vienne and in a small quantity and are only available for a limited time. 

Shop Vienne Milano at


Paridaez designs are modern, modular and minimalistic clothing essentials for life’s everyday adventures. Everyday can be an adventure— that’s why each piece of the Paridaez clothing lines can change into completely different articles of clothing. 

Allison Daroie, the CEO and founder of Paridaez, designed this line with utility in mind, so you can easily transition from a professional setting, workout, evenings out, and it’s great for travel. She taught herself to design, learned the production process, and bootstrapped the company, because she wants other women to be ready for anything!

Holly is just enthralled with this Boston-based brand because it is super functional and fun: she can put on one of the shirts, and then turn it around backwards where it becomes a different top.  She can then put it around her waist, and it becomes a skirt! Whaaatttt are you saying to me right now.

Even better – Allison’s clothes look amazing on every body type and age. Mainly because of the fabric they have chosen. Their main material is  a ponte, which is a rayon/nylon/ycra. The ponte knit is very opaque and very flattering, but still has a lot of stretch. It’s very breathable, and looks really good in any setting. It’s machine washable, driver, dryer, safe wicks, moisture and keeps it shape.

Shop at


Masha Titova is the founder and creative director of TITOV Label, which is a lingerie brand focusing on celebrating every day luxuries. All of the undergarments are fit for special occasions, but they’re so comfortable you’ll want to wear it every day. 

Masha tells us that one of the biggest things she is really proud of is that from day one, she offered about three times more sizes than the typical lingerie brand. They tried to expand and accommodate as best as possible for anyone with like rare sizes. 

In this episode, Masha tells us the story of riding a rollercoaster as she launched her brand right before freaking COVID! She shares how lots of people came through to help and how you realize how people are when the world goes through something totally pandemic. As we said, Holly loves her BADASS women entrepreneurs!

Holly also loves that TITOV lingerie is not your mother’s sports bra. We all have those. When you come home and want to change into something more comfortable, you don’t actually need to look like a schlub or on your way to working out. Sexy, functional, beautiful, comfortable. CHECK. IT. OUT.

Shop TITOV Lable at

You have until December 19th if you want to enter our Christmas Giveaway. Just check us out on our Instagram and get your name in the game!!!

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