How to Buy a Designer Handbag | EP 70

If you’re trying to convince someone that they should buy you a bag this holiday season, we’re not mad at you. If you’ve been saving this big ticket item for your list, fear no more. We got you. Um, you’re welcome, because……sheeeee’s baaaack!! Our favorite high fashion guru, Nolan Meader, the QUEEN, fairy gay mother, and best gay that he is, is back to give us the 411 on the #handbags you need to buy – and the handbags you CAN buy! He. Knows. All. Bags. 

Holly and Nolan are here this week to give you handbag-buying strategies: what to spend, what to buy, where to buy. And you need to trust us on this one: Because Nolan is the Bag Yoda.

Everyone can have a nice handbag, and can absolutely do so without selling a kidney.  #wepromise

We are so happy to welcome Nolan back to the show as he shares some of his favorite handbag brands and styles right now – all at real people’s price points. 

Why is it important to have a nice handbag?  Well if you must ask, then you need to go back a listen to a few more episodes. Jussayin’

We all know about #Chanel and #Dior and #LV and the big designer names. But savvy shoppers should know what style of bag they need (everyday vs. investment, night out vs. work bag).  

As you may know from previous episodes, Nolan believes in “invest and build” for any wardrobe. So, buy the best that you can, when you can, slowly building a quality closet full of things you love – and, that will stand the test of time (and stand the test of use!).

Step Number One:  What sort of bags should you buy?

Do you work out of the house, and need an everyday bag? Do you need one nice evening bag? Do you need a gorgeous, name-dropping bag? Do you just need a bag that isn’t pleather? 

Nolan lists some of his favorite bags of the moment:

Step Number Two:  Quality Matters

It goes without saying that quality materials matter.  Look for real leather and durable materials. Don’t get caught up in a designer name if it isn’t made well! Why waste your time and money on something that you can’t use every day?

Why do you suppose the resale of designer bags is so popular? Why are they so expensive? Because THEY LAST FOREVER. #Duh. You get what you pay for.  So buy vintage if you can, even a ‘lovingly used’ handbag is lovely because they are built to stand the test of time – and transcend trends and styles. 

Other Key Insights
  • Get yourself a ‘credit card’ holder – if you wan to be able to change handbags easily, this makes the transfer easy!
  • If you are just starting out, buy what you love and buy what you can afford – but think QUALITY instead of trendy.
  • If your favorite daily bag is beat down and 15 years old, you probably need a new bag. #pleasestop

Don’t get overwhelmed – like all fashion things that we talk about – THERE ARE NO RULES! We are just here as your Sherpa’s to lead you to the best fashions based on what works for you.

Listen now!

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– The Fashion Crimes Podcast, with your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz 

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