Best Care & Maintenance for Your Wardrobe | EP 104

Wardrobe maintenance and clothing care might not be the most exciting topic out there (THAT would be shoe shopping, just FYI…), but nevertheless, we are sure no one needs Holly to point out that there’s not much point in buying nice clothes if you’re not going to look after them, are we right? 

(*She is going to point it out anyway. You’re welcome.)

As with any investment, taking the time to properly care for your wardrobe will ensure its value. Beautiful clothes are worth the extra time and care needed to keep them preserved. 

So, this week, we are sharing some TRUTH BOMBS and handy tips to help you on your way to crafting a well-maintained wardrobe.

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Here is the goal: Everything in your closet should be:

1. stuff you like

2. stuff that fits you well, AND

3. you know where it is 

There are a few different buckets when taking care of your clothes:

No. 1:   Organization

No. 2:  Care and Cleaning

No. 3:  Maintenance and Repair

NUMBER ONE: Organization

So, let’s start with #1- organization. How you store your clothes is part of taking care of your wardrobe. Clothes are energy. How they present themselves to you is very, very important. 

So, here’s the deal; if you have a shitshow going on in your closet when you open your door, and you don’t know where anything is, this isn’t taking proper care of your clothes. It will also make you crazy. 

No one wants to shuffle through stuff until you find something that’s clean or trying on a bunch of shit because you have 12 different sizes to go through. It’s not a great start to your day. That is ridiculous. 

PS: This is where we rant and rave about the value of a professional closet clean-out. Also available in Episode 60. If you need help with what to wear and cleaning out your closet: hire a professional personal stylist. If you need help organizing your kitchen, do not. Hire a professional organizer.



Get yourself some non-slip, slimline velvet-covered hangers. Remember Mommie Dearest? Not kidding.

If you have shitty-ass plastic tube hangers, plastic hangers from Target, or wire hangers – or if you’re lazy and you leave your stuff in the dry-cleaning poly bags until you wear it – you need to need to stop it right now. All your hangers must be changed to the velvet slimline hangers.

We know exactly what you’re thinking, and why you’re cussing Holly out right now: What is so wrong with putting the dry cleaning up in the polybag on the wire hanger? 

Number 1, it looks terrible. 

Number 2, you need to welcome the item back and put it on its appropriate hanger where it lives in your closet. 

You will also avoid hanger and shoulder bumps, and it will get it back in its proper place so you can find it again. 


If you go through your drawers to get rid of old stuff or the things that you’ve worn to death, you’re going to feel a lot better. If you know what’s in your drawers and they aren’t over stuffed, this is really going to help you tremendously. 


Let go of any shoes that are worn to death, or are old or dogged out. Only keep the shoes that you are actively currently wearing. If you haven’t worn them in three years, they gotta go.

Another thing: Keep your shoes organized in your closet so you can see what you have, so you can find them, and so that you don’t impulse buy new shoes you do not need. 

You probably have a pair of rain boots. So no, Boo, you do not need the ones you found on sale with pink duckies. YOU HAVE A PAIR ALREADY. #preach

Final shoe tip: Find yourself a shoe repair guy. Call him a cobbler if you are fancy. But just like clothing, you can repair shoes (and handbags, fyi) and extend the life of the things you love the most. If you take care of your investments, you can enjoy them again and again. 

NUMBER TWO: Cleaning Your Clothes

This is simple. You either wash your clothes or you have them dry-cleaned. 

When you wash your clothes, you need to do it properly, and then fold and promptly return them to their spots. Over-washing and not reading the care labels can lead to problems and issues. If you want the longest life out of your clothes, you need to read the care labels.

Do you have a dry cleaner? If yes, are you going weekly? Are you going biweekly, or are you stubborn and you don’t go at all? Some people over-dry clean to avoid laundry. They just send everything to the dry cleaners. That’s a BIG NO-NO. And some just don’t go to the cleaners ever, which is not good either. Don’t be either one extreme or the other.

Washing vs. Dry Cleaning:

Cotton, cotton-poly blends, jeans, workout clothes, unders, socks, pajamas, and your kids’ stuff should be washed at home as needed. Anything outside of these categories – slacks, dressy dresses, blouses, button-down shirts, jackets, blazers – all these things need to go to the dry cleaner.

Regardless of your method, just know that pressing your clothing is important. Get Holly’s favorite steamer, or use the iron in your hotel room. Just don’t be wrinkled. Ever.

How often you wash your clothes, the type of laundry products you use, how you dry them – these all add up in the condition and longevity of your items. Knowing how to treat your laundry can be your superpower!

NUMBER THREE: Alterations and Repair

Holly is on her soap box again, so please get the memo this time, because we can’t say it enough. If your clothes fit you perfectly, you will always feel better and look better. Find yourself a place for alterations and clothing repair so that everything fits you well – no matter what body stage you are in.

Did you pop a button? Keep it! Does your favorite dressy winter jacket need repairs or buttons before the cold weather hits, or before you go on a trip. Get yourself organized here. 

You can find talented alteration people at your dry cleaner, local tailors shops, or at department stores like Nordstrom’s. 

To conclude:

Take pride in ownership of your clothes. It really makes a difference on how you feel about yourself and your clothing. And that really is the point is it not? 

You’re supposed to feel fabulous in what you’re wearing. Why would you wear something that you don’t feel good in or that doesn’t fit properly? Give your clothes the long life they deserve by taking care of them. 

And you know what? Dammit, they’re gonna take care of you.


Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist and the best friend you never knew you needed in fashion.









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