What to Wear to Your Class Reunion | EP 112

Does the thought of your High School reunion make you want to “respectfully decline”? If you’re an extra extrovert, then you’re counting the seconds until you and your friends can catch up on all the latest class gossip. If you’re an introvert, do you dread seeing your who was actually your best friend when you were seven – but then middle school and boys happened so you fell out of touch?

Regardless of how you feel about high school reunions, Holly has one piece of life advice for you: Just Goooooooooooo.

Because whatever is holding you back from attending, or getting you so excited that you attend every 5 years, one thing is certain: No matter what, when you know you look good, you cannot have a bad time. 

It’s just simply universal fashion law. You cannot have a terrible time. If you show up looking fabulous, it’s impossible. 

In this episode, your favorite personal stylist (and extra extroverted reunion-advocate), Holly Katz is here to make sure you attend your reunion, and she promises to give you all the style tips you need to ensure you are dressed appropriately, dressed better than everyone else (without being over-dressed) and feeling comfortable and confident. #duh

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Epic. Did we mention Holly’s reunion is in 2 weeks?

Note: Be sure to click over to Holly’s Pinterest board for all this style inspiration!

First Up: Dress Code

When it comes to events like these, the dress code on the invite is usually some ridiculously dumb version of “casual.” They try to use words like “upscale casual” or “cocktail casual” or “dressy casual”. So, if you’re confused more than ever, you’re not alone.

Well for one thing, whatever the dress code, it means you must get “dressed.” This in fact means you DO NOT show up looking like you do every single day. Don’t make us repeat that. What you wear every day (t-shirts, shorts, golf shirts, flip flops, jeans, etc.) is NOT what you wear to an event like this (or any event. Duh.) 

According to Holly, and you know she does not mince words, the dress code should actually read: “Put in some effing effort.” That is the new dress code. She has taken upon herself to rewrite all the etiquette books to say just that: Put in Some Effing Effort. New dress code alert!

Option 1: Dresses

Just because you’re wearing a nice dress doesn’t mean you’re sooo dressed up. You are just dressed.

You may not even need to run out and buy something new! Holly always loves the dress option because you can dress up a casual dress with just a little zhoosh. Just add extra jewelry, a great handbag or fabulous shoes. Holly loves a moto jacket or blazer. Snazz it up!

You can also style a really nice dress down to make is more casual. Just throw a moto jacket or leather blazer over it. This can be worn anywhere! 

Dress Suggestions:

  1. The cowboy, western look is really hot right now. A maxi dress with short booties or modern cowboy boots are about as on-trend as you can get right now. This outfit works for every body type and every age. You cannot go wrong. Some brands to shop for include Ulla Johnson, BA&SH, Intermix, Farm Rio, Derek Lam, Kobi Halperin, Hemant and Nandita and more. Many can be found at Saks and other department stores or online. All of these can be found on Holly’s Pinterest board
  1. If you aren’t feeling the cowboy or western-inspired look, opt for a bold color or oversized floral. If you’ve listened to our Fall 2022 Trend Report episode, you’ll know that color right now is bigger than ever. Yes, neon colors and bright colors are what is in. HOWEVER, you do not need to blind people. Pick one of the new color or floral trends and use it as an accessory. A yellow blazer, a hot pink handbag, or shoes. Do not over-do the bright colors. New York and Company has an incredible pink and red color block blazer, and Holly’s favorite = sequin pants! Check those out on the Pinterest board

Option 2: The Jumpsuit 

We have talked about this look on many episodes, and it is perfect for this type of event. Jumpsuits are dressy, but fun. They can have ruffles and color and they look great on all body types. Holly’s personal favorite designer is Badgley Mischka.

Option 3: The Bodysuit

Another option is a body suit. If you wanted to go with the funky pant route, like sequins, these are great to wear as a top alone, or under a blazer.

Option 4: No Jeans

Remember, you are dressing up. Not like you do every day. So, while Holly is adamant about not wearing jeans, you can wear a bodysuit or cute top and jacket with a wax-coated or colored jean that does not look like denim. She is giving you a pass on that one! 

Option 5: Sweaters

If you live in a cold or cooler climate, please plan accordingly. Showing up in a skimpy, sleeveless dress usually won’t work if you live in the Yukon Territory. Dress appropriately for the weather and season! The latest trend is sweaters with cut-outs that can give a little shoulder that are sexy and fun. No fisherman’s sweaters. No sweatshirts. Fun, flirty sweaters are the name of the game. 

In that regard, consider outwear if you are in a cold climate. NO ski jackets allowed when you are dressing up. Try a long dress coat over slacks and top. Nothing is chicer than a long coat over pants.

Option 6: Lace or Metallics

As was noted in the Trend Report episode, lace is really in right now, along with metallics. If you want to do something with a hint of either, your options to accessories are endless. 

So, what is Holly wearing to her 30th high school reunion? Stay tuned because there will be photos on social. And most likely, will include sequin pants.

Send us your reunion outfit questions – and even better – send us a photo of your outfit!! DM us on social or email Holly at Holly@fashioncrimespodcast.com.


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