Jené Luciani Sena, The Bra Expert | EP 111

Did you know? 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra right now?

You need to grab your “girls” and an adult beverage, and get ready to meet our new BFF Jené Luciani Sena, aka “The Bra Expert”! This one is of our more insightful and helpful episodes to date – in our humble opinion – so do not miss it!

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Jené Luciani Sena is an accredited journalist and internationally renowned bestselling author, regularly seen on national TV outlets such as Access Daily, Today and Dr Oz. Touted as one of Woman’s World Magazine’s “Ultimate Experts,” she’s a TED Talk speaker, a podcast host – and a busy mom of four!

Her life’s mission is helping other millennial moms like herself make it through life with humor, heart, and a proper-fitting bra. Jené made a name for herself as a bra expert and has made a successful career of guiding and encouraging women through their biggest fashion and lifestyle challenges.

And guess what? Jené believes helping women look and feel their best starts with the right foundation. If you have been a friend of the podcast before, then you already know this is one of Holly’s #1 styling recommendations, which been covered many times on the podcast. Because this matters, Fashion Friends!

As you know, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and in the case of Jené, this could not be more relevant. 

She shares her personal story of needing specialty bras and, frankly, real information on breast shapes and issues during her formative years, which led her to become an expert on finding comfortable and confident bra styles that are unique to each person. Starting with herself!

Her career has evolved into fitting and styling women to look and feel their best, and you just cannot do any of this without a proper foundation. As Holly herself has said many times, you will look good only if you feel good!

But an ill-fitting bra can ruin even the most expensive or fabulous outfit. Boob rolls, boob tubes, boob-smashing minimizers, and back-fat squeezing bras that are too small will be all anyone will notice – and not in a good way. #seriouslyserious

Holly and Jené cover these critical bra topics you need to know:

  • What are the physical differences between wearing the right size and wrong size bra?
  • Why do we care about bras? 
  • What is a bra-fitting? The importance of bra-fittings by a qualified professional, and when to be refitted over your life stages. 
  • The mechanics and construction of a quality bra. Do you need an underwire? How good are the new generation of bra designers? 
  • Do you really need a bra if you are just an A cup? 
  • If you have huge boobs, are you required to wear a minimizer bra?
  • What are the types of bras you need in your life? 
  • How much money should you spend on a bra, and does it matter?
  • How to care for your bras: How often to clean, how to wash, how to dry.
  • Can you go braless? Why you need to take care of your breast tissue.
  • Can you sleep in a bra?  Should you?

Along the way, they discuss kids and boobs and books and careers. This is a real-life conversation full of humor and heart – and just some damn good and helpful ideas!

We are so honored to have Jené join us. To learn more about her business and the topics she discusses in this episode, see the links below:

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Thank you for joining us again this week! Remember to send your fashion questions and podcast topic ideas to Holly – we’d love to hear from you!

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