Ugly Christmas Sweater Fashion Crimes with Stylist Soneca Guadara

Soneca Guadara is the creator of Style by Soneca, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Stylist, proud Latina and mom to four kids. Soneca speaks about how crazy her life is right now. 

Soneca is currently working with her personal clients about what to wear during the holidays. The most significant request Soneca gets is for people who want to get glam for their local dinners and zoom parties. 

For holiday shopping, she advises if you have to go to the mall, it’s better early in the week, right when they open or later at night. So many stores have closed down….. it’s depressing AF. Plus, inventory is sucking too. In 2020, we are relying on online shopping more than ever.

Tune in as we have a debate about ugly Christmas sweaters, reveal our most fabulous holiday outfits and we explain how to tastefully wear plaid. 

Time Stamp 

  • [ 1:45 ] About Soneca Guadara and her busy life. 
  • [ 6:30 ] Soneca’s current projects    
  • [ 10:30 ] Why are people decorating so early?! 
  • [ 13:30 ] The ugly Christmas sweater debate 
  • [ 20:15 ] When do you even wear an ugly Christmas sweater?  
  • [ 23:30 ] Our most fabulous holiday outfits 
  • [ 28:00 ] Shout out to all the drunk uncles out there 



  • “I need to get an ornament that says quarantine or something.” -Soneca Guadara
  • “I feel so much better about myself, my mood, and my confidence when I’m dressed up.” -Nolan Meader



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About Soneca Guadara

Meet Soneca Guadara, creator of Style by Soneca. Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Stylist, proud Latina and mom to four kids. From Miami to the burbs of New Jersey (Yes, you can say she is a Real Housewife of New Jersey). This fabulous fashionista not only has a keen eye for fashion but she has an amazing taste for interior decor and fashionable entertaining. Soneca is a certified Fashion Stylist from NYC’s world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, has worked backstage at various fashion shows for NYFW, has her own fashion column for BCthemagazine, is an on-air fashion and lifestyle expert on Unimas for Viernes y Mas, stays current working with various photographers and stylists where her work has been published in magazines not mention working with clients helping them with their fashion needs. 

Soneca’s blog is all about how she likes to mix styles and price points to make a statement, she can wear something from Target and Hermes all in the same look. Wearing designer clothing from head to toe is not necessary. As Soneca says, “It’s all about looking good in your clothing and most importantly, feeling fabulous!”


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