Fast Fashion Gossip with Jennifer Hazzard

Jennifer Hazzard; now a professional life coach and strategist has had a loooong fashion history.  Nolan met Jennifer during Fashion Week ’18 and little did she know, he was out to make her his new fashion bestie.

We find out how her stellar connections from the hospitality industry led her to a career in fashion public relations. Jennifer reveals her stories on people, places and things that she couldn’t “make up” if she tried. She spills the tea on all that went down on a typical Tuesday night at the Soho House and beyond…….no celeb left unturned.

Plus, Jennifer gives the scoop on the worst fashion crimes that have taken place during her career and most importantly, we reminisce about our fave fashion shows that we oh so miss!

When is fashion week coming back?!?  We can’t take it.  We get her take on the future of NYFW.

You won’t want to miss it!

Time Stamp 

  • [ 1:50 ] About Jennifer Hazzard and how Nolan picked her up
  • [ 14:50 ] Why the hospitality industry isn’t sustainable  
  • [ 20:20 ] Fashion crime reports from Soho House 
  • [ 37:30 ] We reminisce about our most favorite fashion shows  



About Jennifer Hazzard

Jennifer Hazzard is a professional life coach and strategist who works with individuals and groups to help them maximize their strengths and reach their full potential. Jennifer leads a variety of coaching and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) workshops where she provides tools to increase confidence, motivation and achieve goals. She worked on leadership coaching with executives and groups. She also works with people one on one to help them find balance in their lives, improve their relationships, work more effectively, clarify and obtain their goals and be the best version of themselves. 

Jennifer’s decades of working in the fashion and hospitality industries have led to her acquiring an arsenal of skills that have helped people get on their desired life path. She strives to guide and lead others to their truth and freedom through self-discovery, emotional awareness and mindset development.‚Äč

Determined to help as many people bridge the gap between their unconscious and conscious mind, she became certified in Life coaching, Motivational Coaching, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching and also earned a certification in Advanced NLP Communication from the Society of NLP with Richard Bandler. In addition to being a certified Life Coach, Jennifer recently became a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher. She also is currently studying Ontological Coaching with Accomplishment Coaching to become certified with the International Coaching Federation. She has received priceless information and knowledge that she willingly shares with others in hopes of bettering their lives. 

Raised in Orange County, Ca and currently living in New York City, Jennifer is said to have the relaxed approach to life mixed with the go-get’ um energy of her beloved city.  When Jennifer isn’t coaching, she can be found meditating in Central Park, hitting up a Pilates or yoga class, strolling the city with her dog, whipping something up in the kitchen, trying the newest face mask or creating playlists on Spotify! She also spends a lot of her time volunteering with NY Cares and working with children and the elderly. 


  • “Working sixteen hours a day making chump change will kill anybody’s soul.” -Jennifer Hazzard
  • “I love an 80’s bush.” -Jennifer Hazzard

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