Top Travel Outfit Ideas | EP 138

This week, our GAL ABOUT TOWN Nolan Meader, is back on the show with a real question: “Why do people insist on dressing like crap when traveling on an airplane?” 

Your favorite personal stylists certainly have a point of view on how to dress when traveling, and it does not include sweats, pajamas, or workout sneakers. You are still in public people! Yes, you can be comfortable, but you do not need to offend the rest of us with what you wear to bed.


“I just I don’t understand why it’s a thing. Don’t you want to look your best all the time? Don’t you want to feel your best all the time? Don’t you want to get somewhere and be excited?” – Nolan Meader, personal stylist


Obviously, this has been the theme song of this podcast for a lonnnnng time.  

So, what are the rules for fashion when traveling? Listen this week for what not to wear – and some great ideas for fashionable travel outfits to wear instead.

First, understand that you too can look fabulous on a plane. Yes, you can. Instead of grabbing those yoga pants that may show more of your body parts than intended, you can grab some real pants. How about that? Grab some real pants. 

What Not to Wear: Just don’t. 
  • Pajamas. (This goes for kids who can walk and talk, too. Only babies are allowed in their PJs).

  • Workout clothes that are meant for working out, like skin-tight yoga pants or workout bras, or workout sneakers.

  • Sweatpants: We don’t care if you are dumb enough to spend $1,000 on Gucci sweats. No sweatpants for grown-ups.

  • Gross, sweaty workout sneakers. We’ve had this conversation on other episodes. Fashion sneakers are for fashion. Workout sneakers are for that.

  • Also, no slides. Again, not even Gucci slides.

  • Basketball shorts with cowboy boots. For real. Holly saw this, and she can’t stop being mad about it.

 Super Great Travel Outfit Ideas: 
  • A stretch jean that’s very comfortable with an oversized sweater and a blazer or a very comfortable coat. The secret weapon for winter travel is a teddy coat. Because it really is like a blanket, but it looks chic.

  • Try a Chelsea boot or loafer for shoes instead of the sneeks. Don’t break in new shoes at the airport.

  • Comfortable pants or slacks…or jeans with some stretch. This can be your foundation for comfort, that you can top with travel-friendly pieces like a blazer or jacket (that will keep you warm) and a nice scarf (also to keep you warm) to layer over any top. 

  • For a long-haul flight, you could try a soft dress or skirt that looks smart but is also comfortable and does not bind you around the waist or legs.  

The key to traveling is to layer for comfort. You can add and take off when and where you need to – from walking through the airport (when you must be dressed) to getting comfy on the plane to sleep. And then put yourself back together to deplane and greet your new destination in style! 

Instead of with bedhead. Ugh.

Thank you to our bestie Nolan for joining us this week! Please sure to check out all of our social and Pinterest for more fashion advice – and send us a message if you ever get stuck or need help. 

We are the best fashion friend you never knew you needed!


Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz!

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