Spring 2023 Wardrobe Essentials | EP 139

So, spring must be here because the pollen certainly is. Ugh! And, while it is getting warmer during the daytime hours, be careful, as it can still be colder at night. That means you might want to layer a few things. If you don’t live in Florida, don’t start dressing like it’s the dead of summer – because it isn’t. 

Did you know that dressing for spring is actually very easy? If the temperature starts to get above 50 degrees and it’s sunny where you are, you have Holly’s permission to start wearing your favorite spring clothing! 

The name of the game is lighter, layered, effortless dressing with pieces that you can mix and match without a ton of effort. 

This week, we have a comprehensive list of things that will benefit you to have in your wardrobe this spring. 

But First!

A short refresher on being the best-dressed wedding guest this wedding season, because we’ve had a lot of emails about that again. Two things to remember:

  1. Go back and listen to Episode 84 and Episode 92. We have you covered in every single way possible, so you can be “The Best-Dressed Wedding Guest” on Parts 1 and 2.

  2. Shoes. Plan accordingly so that you can wear your shoes FOR HOURS, dance FOR HOURS, and not be hobbling in pain by 9 p.m. Wear a lower heel, break in new shoes around the house first, and NEVER, EVER, take your shoes off at a wedding. If your feet hurt that badly, Holly recommends taking 2 extra shots of booze to dull the pain rather than showing up on the dancefloor with no shoes. Girl, no. FASHION CRIME ALERT!

  3. All of the suggestions on the podcast and the correlating Pinterest Boards are still completely relevant, so always refer back to that.

OK, back to the Spring Wardrobe Essentials List. (Be sure to follow along on Holly’s Pinterest Board for this episode!) 


Timeless, seasonless, a must-have in your closet at all times!

  1. Baggy, stove-pipe leg jeans are very hot right now. This has been a trend for a while but it’s also not going anywhere.

  2. Lighter washes and weights, cropped lengths, flares, and colored jeans are perfect for spring dressing.


Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a certain jean style is out of style. If a pair of jeans fit you well, guess what? They’re in style. Period. 



Loose and comfortable without looking over-dressed, lightweight slacks in a variety of colors are certainly a spring essential. Dress them down with flat sandals or tennis shoes – or slip on heels to dress up! These are super versatile and a great transition option for spring weather.  



There are several styles of skirts: pleated, sheer, tiered, ruffled, and so on. We love love, love, love a maxi skirt. It’s the easiest thing in the world to put on. It’s great for all seasons and can be paired with flip-flops at the beach, or with tall boots and a sweater or jacket.

Skirt lengths are a personal preference. It depends on your body type. Holly prefers an A-line skirt to hide a couple of little things. The only rule here is NOT TOO SHORT!


Shorts, much like skirts, are about the length. For women of a certain age, Hollys prefers eight- or nine-inch shorts because obviously, when you sit down, they are shorter. 

Holly recommends high-waisted or belted shorts worn with a heel, cute sandals or fashion sneakers. Dressy shorts like this are very versatile for day or night:

  • They come in a variety of fabrics and can be worn with a jacket, a super dressy blouse, and a high heel or high heel sandal.

  • Look for them in a brocade fabric for extra dressy!

  • Also available in leather or pleather shorts. 


Shorts that are too short or made of cheap fabric can show VPL. (Visible Panty Lines). And make double-sure that your jeans shorts are so tight they look like spandex shorts. They should not be to the knee and tight around the leg. 


If you’re new to the Fashion Crimes Podcast and want to know more about “How to Style Shorts,” please go back and listen to Episode 83!


It’s so chic to move to a lightweight sweater, instead of just a regular top:

  • Layer a lightweight sweater or duster layered over a sleeveless mock turtleneck or bodysuit.

  • Try a pullover or cardigan because they are back on-trend with stove-pipe jeans.

  • And even though it pains some of us to say it, you can try a sweater vest – as they are back, too! Just keep it understated and monochrome. Don’t get a Grandma sweater vest. We’re watching you. 


Holly prefers sweaters that to come to the top of the waist, which will help create a waistline! 


The number one spring wardrobe essential is a jean jacket. They come in every variation and style:

  • white

  • all varieties of washes or colored denim

  • fitted and more formal

  • over-size and casual

  • cropped or longer


Denim jackets can be worn with anything: a dress, skirt, pants, and shorts. And it’s the perfect weight for spring. Put a fun brooch on one! 


  • Plain white fashion sneakers (not workout sneakers). Go back and listen to Episode 128 on “How to Style Sneakers.”

  • Flat mules are easy to slip on, always look elegant, and still cover your toes as the weather changes.

  • Up your sandal game with color! While neutrals are always on the essential list, spring is the perfect time to add a pop of hot pink, green, purple, and yellow for fun!


  • Again, color! Accent any outfit with a small statement handbag or crossbody bag in an unexpected color.

  • Fringe bags are really fun and unexpected. 


When changing purses, make sure you have your critical things in a cardholder. Don’t forget to transfer the essentials when you change your bag! No one wants to pay for your dinner because you forgot your damn credit card. #facts

Ok! You are now ready to jump into spring in style. There are so many more things to list, not enough time. This is just the beginning. These are just the MAIN essentials. We’re not done here yet.

Thank you so much for all your emails and DMs – and great questions and suggestions. Speaking of, we will be covering Kentucky Derby style soon based on a great DM from a fabulous listener. 

Listen, download, share, and love the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST! 



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  1. Hi! Love listening to you! SO much fun! You mentioned that you have ideas on a pinterest board. I looked on your pinterest page, but couldn’t find it? Do you do collage-type things with suggestions?

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