Our Obsession with Schitt’s Creek + Halloween Fashion Crimes

In this episodewe talk about Nolan’s best day ever without Holly (she was 80% happy for him). When shopping for his clients he found a unique, chic Rick Owens leather jacket for $400 – which is absolutely nothing for a Rick Owens jacket so obvi, score for Nolan. Plus, he found a client’s dream handbag – Chanel 19 bagThe bag kind of looks like a pancake when it’s flat, but it’s so cool nonetheless. 

Later, we talk about our obsession with Schitt’s Creek and their fashion choices. Catherine O’Hara has the best style; it’s just like how she dressed in Beetlejuice. In honor of the fabulousssss Moira Rose, we found the perfect Alexander McQueen dress. 

Tune in as we talk about Halloween fashion crimes, why you need to check out the ninth floor of Saks in NY, and our obsession with fingerless gloves.  


Time Stamp  

  • 1:15 ] About the best day ever 
  • 10:10 ] Our obsession with Schitt’s Creek 
  • 11:55 ] The latest fashion crimes (Halloween edition)  
  • 23:30 ] Workout shoes vs. cute sneakers   
  • [ 31:40 ] What Nolan bought this week  




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