Fashion Crimes Podcast: Influencer Extraordinaire Shahad AlQaysi

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We are totally blessed and SO grateful to have Shahad AlQaysi here! She opens the show describing her two recent weddings and what inspired her to ditch the world of dentistry for fashion. I mean wwhhhhaat? 

Shahad’s style evolves every day; there are no rules in fashion. When you feel what you are wearing, people can understand your personality easier. Plus, people will pick up when you feel uncomfortable in what you are wearing or when you’re not being 100% authentic.  

Shahad gets her inspiration from the people around her as she loves to inspire other people at the same time. When someone buys one of Shahad’s recommendations, it brings her unadulterated joy.  

Tune in as Shahad reveals the fashion trend that she HATES. Plus, we talk about how to find comfortable heels and where Shahad likes to shop and the difference between a turban and a hijab.

Time Stamp  

  • [ 3:50 ] About Shahad’s weddings 
  • [ 7:20 ] Shahad’s journey from dentistry to fashion 
  • [ 9:45 ] How Shahad will feel inspired   
  • [ 14:35 ] Styling a turban   
  • [ 18:50 ] The fashion trend that Shahad HATES   
  • [ 24:30 ] Finding the most comfortable heels   
  • [ 27:05 ] Where Shahad shops   
  • [ 32:10 ] About Shahad’s daily routine  


The Shaha Fashion 



Christian Louboutin 

Shahad AlQaysi:  

Shahad AlQaysi has always favored flair over function when it comes to fashion, but she never thought her bold, colorful sartorial choices would capture the attention of strangers. Hundreds of posts and 824,000 Instagram followers later, Shahad is a verifiable style star, albeit by accident: born in Iraq, the 28-year-old earned a degree in dentistry in Dubai before moving to Atlanta to join her family in 2015. She spends her free time documenting her style and her love of cooking, which stands out for its surprising mix of high and low. Her love of Fendi, Charlotte Russe, Dubai-based designer Nabaa Dhiya Brich and others give her the opportunity to showcase her style and fashion styling abilities, often showing several ways to style one item.

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