New Fashion Trends from NYFW 2023 | EP 133

Last week, your favorite personal stylist and our podcast hostess with the mostest, Holly Katz, shared EXCLUSIVE fashion news straight from New York Fashion Week 2023 in Episode 132. 

This week in Episode 133, she’s back with an in-depth discussion on the NEW TRENDS you will be seeing in stores and online soon, and how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe.

Note to some of us of a certain age, these “trends” may not necessarily be “new” to you: 

  1. Moto jackets

  2. Cargo pockets

  3. Leather pants, shirts, shorts, tops, dresses, and blazers

  4. Viva Magenta dressing – Pantone’s Color of the Year

  5. Tie Dye

  6. Minimalist neutral

  7. Deconstruction dressing

  8. Storybook dressing

  9. Pop Art on clothing


If you have been a fan of the podcast, or a client of Holly’s, you will know that the classic Moto jacket is considered a staple for anyone looking to zhoosh up their style. Wear casual with jeans, dress one up with a maxi dress, or even wear it over your shoulders with a more formal dress. Loving this!

These jackets come in a variety of colors and embellishments, and never really go out of style. A moto jacket (or motorcycle jacket) is the one with large lapels, zippers and hits shorter at the top of your waist. The moto jacket is evergreen. Other leathers like a bomber jacket or other styles of leathers aren’t always in style, but the moto jacket is. You can wear it for any season, day or night. Try one in a fun color.  

Brands to Shop: 

Iro |

All Saints | |

Nour Hammour |


As much as it pains Holly to say it: cargo pockets are back. #NOTOKAY. She has never liked this trend. Ever, Never. Ever. However, anything high-end designer with a cargo pocket is obvi an exception to Holly’s “DO NOT WEAR” rule. Keep in mind that it is still a Fashion Crime to wear cargo shorts, or ugly camo cargo pants. #GIRLNO

Of Note: Cargo pants add volume to your thigh area, so be aware that this style is not for all body types!

If you are ready to try this trend, dress it up. Get some designer slacks and pair them with a blazer.  Or maybe silk cargos or faux silk joggers and dress it up with a heel. An oversized jacket with cargo pockets is also a great way to try this trend. 

Brands to Shop:

Marc Jacobs |

Proenza Schouler |

Rag and Bone |

Heron Preston | 


Leather is not just for jackets anymore. Every designer at NYFW had some version of leather (or faux leather) in their shows. Holly saw everything from soft draping leather, to structured blazers and long, plain, A-line dresses. Look for leather pants, leather shirts and shorts, blazers, tops, dresses and skirts.

Brands to Shop:

Proenza Schouler |

Bibhu Mohapatra |


If you missed our “Color of the Year” episode, please go back and listen to Episode 127 – Viva Magenta | Pantone’s Color of the Year. Literally everything from the pink family was featured in all the shows that Holly attended. This pink trend, in various shades from the Color of the Year to bright neon, will be everywhere and isn’t going away any time soon. 


This is not your Grateful Dead T-shirt tie-die, people. The newer version is a lot more sophisticated. Designers at Zara and Proenza use ice dyeing on velvet maxi dresses and it. was. stunning. Ulla Johnson’s Serafina Gown is made from prismatic silk twill, with a lightweight purple fabrication printed with shibori motifs.

There’s also botanical dyeing, which Holly has seen quite a bit of lately, using real flowers and plants to create designs on clothes. What she loves about dyeing is the originality of wearing something that’s very unique and unlike anything else. It’s really an art form.

Look into the tie-dye trend and see if there’s something that you would be interested in. We also have a FABULOUS episode dedicated to the art of tie-die, featuring our Bestie Lindsay of Made by Keeper. Listen to Episode 76 here.

Brands to Shop: 

Zara |

Proenza Schouler |

Ulla Johnson |



This really goes back to monochromatic dressing but with simpler, easy silhouettes. Pair some easy slacks, like a wide-leg, high-waisted pant that’s comfortable with a bandeau top and a long cotton trench. Think of it as a long matching set.  Designers were showing muted colors like grey, sea foam, ivory, and the beiges.

See Holly’s curated Pinterest board this week for images of this trend, and everything discussed today.


What is deconstruction dressing? It looks like one garment that was totally made up of pieces of other garments. Designer Thom Browne is well-known for this style, and many others have taken men’s’ dress skirts and blazers and cut them into new items, while maintaining their original elements. It may not be a look for everyone, much but one that will always leave you as a conversation starter!

Brands to Shop:

Thom Browne |

Monse |


Think of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. In the old days, we called it Goth.  Holly saw it all: old-school 1990-2000s Gothic! Yes, you heard it right. It’s painful: Rave pants with chains, bonnets, dark makeup, Victorian-style boots, Peter Pan collars just like the Adams Family, petticoats, and layered dresses with really large collars. As she has said before: the 90s are back. Ugh!

Holly has already warned you that if you’re seeing this trend for the 2nd time around, it’s okay if you want to wear ONE element of a trend. Moderation, people!! For many of us though, this is a trend we are seeing this again and might bring back some not-so-great college outfit memories. Tread carefully!



NYFW was full of models walking down the catwalks wearing art-inspired images on clothing. And just like art, style is subjective. This trend must make sense for you and your lifestyle.  

It will be interesting to see what you like about these trends – and how the stores will be interpreting the trickle-down effect to the middle-American customer. Let us know what you like and if you try one of these new trends! We’d love to hear from you!

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