Atlanta Designer Spotlight: Dayo Women | EP 134

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Atlanta Designer Spotlight Alert! This week we have Yolanda White; founder of Dayo Women. Established in 2018, Dayo Women is the premier destination for stylish, modern women who want to find high-quality, elegant women’s loungewear. Join us this week to learn how this powerhouse executive went from the C-Suite to designing loungewear and the incredible results of her journey. 

It’s time to feel beautiful, powerful, and comfortable at home. No more t-shirts, constricting lace, boring pajamas, or hubby’s clothes… Dayo is for women!! 

With a team of outstanding women from around the world, Dayo was created to redefine loungewear with new silhouettes, fabrics, and construction to allow women to move with comfort, style, and versatility to fit any mood.  Being introduced to Yolanda, Holly wanted to know about this brand and how she could get in these hot pajamas as quickly as possible. The fabrics are soft as soft can be, tencel some mixed with lycel, all made in Italy.  And if that isn’t fabulous enough, Dayo’s exquisite fabrics are durable and machine washable – using sustainable and natural fabrics – and you know those are Holly’s favorite words! 

With exactly zero fashion design experience, Yolanda jumped on this idea as she needed functional, easy clothing to wear multiple ways both in and out of the house. She loves to celebrate women, their changing bodies and helping women understand that anyone can look and feel beautiful.

“One insight that really drove me is, as women, we show up beautifully put together for strangers. And when it’s time for us to show up for ourselves, we don’t. 

Much of the research for her designs came from actually asking her girlfriends what they loved about their own bodies. What areas they were challenged by. Moms are at home; they are moving, cleaning, running errands and then back at home when someone may knock on the door, and they must open it up and face whomever is standing there. Even if it’s the Amazon delivery man, it can be all about comfort at home, but don’t give in to sloppy.  

On her website you will find under the “Styling Room” styling tips with dozens of different ways to wear her elements versi scarf, her wrap top, the lounge bra band and so much more. You can count on Dayo Women to really understand what women need during their downtime to feel both comfortable and stylish.

In addition to her clothing line, she curates women’s discussion panels to present ideas about living with a limitless mindset, and pop-ups called “Self-Love Saturdays,” and many other unique events to celebrate Women’s History Month.  She is sharing the love, y’all – and we are here for it! 

The Dayo Dresses can also be styled many ways and can give you the elegance of a dress  with the comfort of soft fabrics, adjustable sleeves, different ways to tie them and show off your favorite parts. Can we add one more piece of genius? POCKETS!! Pockets, people. Because women need a damn pocket. #FACTS

On the video posted on the Fashion Crimes Podcast You Tube Channel, you will find the video of Holly modeling the the new endless cape and the ultimate lounge palazzo pants. The endless cape is everything a woman needs to cover up easily and be stylish. This design is soft and free-flowing and can be worn with an under-the-top, bra band, or alone. It has a reversible aspect that will allow you to style multiple ways, including off the shoulders, tied around the waist, or draped over a shirt or dress. Also, great for moms breastfeeding.

This outfit is so incredibly comfortable and verstitale it can easily be worn for day or night. Styled with a sneaker or a heel, this is something that will never go out of style.

Make sure you follow dayowomen on instagram and be a part of this community lead by designer and founder, Yolanda White. Her and Holly have become fast besties, and now we are so proud to have her as a friend of the podcast!

Thanks for joining us again this week, don’t know how your day can get any better. Please follow us, like us, love us and let us know how we can help solve your fashion and style issues!



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