Makeup Tips To Make You Look Younger | EP 158

Is your makeup making you look older?  

Did you know that wearing makeup that was once fashionable or using old makeup techniques might actually be making you look older?

But with a little revamp and some inside knowledge, you can learn how to look younger as each day passes, or at least look like you are aging gracefully.

With the help of this week’s special guest, Makeup Artist, Skincare Expert, and Beauty Educator Allyson Wisel, we take a look at how the wrong makeup or techniques can add years to your look without even realizing it – and how just a few adjustments can start turning back the clock with ease. 


Our guest is a beauty industry powerhouse with extensive experience in education and selling for well-known global brands such as MAC, Trish McEvoy, NARS, Laura Mercier & Dermadoctor. 

She began her career in artistry in 2005, working at the Trish McEvoy Counter, followed by Laura Mercier, MAC & NARS. As Director of Sales & Education for Dermadoctor, she conducted training all over the US and continues to utilize her makeup skills, demonstrating makeup techniques on The Today Show, Fox and Friends and Dr. Oz.

As a full-time makeup artist, Allyson now does makeup for clients on CNN, MSNBC, YES Network, and NBC. In addition to working in TV, she also works with corporate and commercial clients, private clients, and on film projects, and regularly works with NYC photographers and modeling agencies. And she has done Holly’s makeup in the past…but since she won’t live in Holly’s bathroom we have to have her on the podcast to give us some refreshers.

Allyson believes that cultivating genuine relationships with her clients, in addition to her passion for makeup, is what enables her to give her clients confidence through makeup!


  • Start with good skincare and your foundation to create a blank canvas.
  • Fix thinning brows with a natural color and products to help fill and set them.  
  • To fix hooded eyelids, focus on elongating. Place your shadow in the crease of your lid and pull up. Using eyeliner can also give more definition to your eyes.
  • Applying liner in the upper lid waterline can make you look like you have thicker lashes. Eyeliner opens the eye and can make them look bigger. 

Allyson shares more techniques and some of her favorite beauty products to help you avoid makeup mistakes that make you look older!

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