Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes – The Book RELEASED! | EP 157

FASHION NEWSFLASH! Holly Katz has just written a book! It’s out, it’s out!!! This style guide has now been published and has already jumped to #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List in Style & Clothing! 

That’s right, Your Favorite Personal Stylist and Hostess with the Mostest of our wildly popular Fashion Crimes Podcast has unveiled her latest creation: Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes. Available on Amazon. Like, right now and forever. 

Holly Katz is her own VIP Guest this week and tells us all about her transformative style guide, which promises to liberate your wardrobe and empower your style choices.  

The book topped the Amazon Best Seller List in its first week and is available in paperback now on Amazon for $7.99 

In this dynamic and enlightening book, Holly delves into the fashion world and unveils the subtle but significant errors that unwittingly creep into our daily attire. By deciphering these style principles, readers will master the art of curating a closet that exudes confidence, perfectly fits their body type, and aligns with their lifestyle. #YYYAAAASSS

Unlocking Your Confidence!

Why did Holly write this style guide? Because after many years as a personal stylist guiding her clients, and 3 years as a fashion podcast host informing her listeners, she is now ready to share her trade secrets with the rest of the world!

This is a quick style guide that can instantly break the cycle of feeling like you look ‘okay’ and ‘good enough’ to look proportionate, empowered, and self-confident. I mean, who doesn’t want some of that? 

By taking the first step with this style guide, readers embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Stop Making These Fashion Mistakes is a passport to unlocking a new level of confidence and style evolution.

Okay, so what’s it about? 

This book describes in detail the top fashion and style mistakes that people make without even knowing it. While learning these short style principles, you will soon understand why keeping your closet out of chaos, wearing the correct fitting undergarments, and dressing according to your lifestyle, age, and body type will evolve your personal style.

Getting dressed is something that should add joy and confidence to your everyday life. Through fashion and style, you have complete control over the message you are sending to the world.

Broken up into 4 short chapters, not only does Holly outline the major fashion mistakes to avoid but also offers realistic solutions to solving common fashion problems. #youcandothis 

Full of fun and easy-to-read commentary – and tons of hilarious photos of Holly in precarious fashion dilemmas – you will love learning her style tips and secrets to avoiding: 

  1. Dressing Too Young or Too Old for Your Age

  2. Wearing Incorrect, Non-Existent, or Ill-Fitting Undergarments

  3. Not Dressing for Your Body Type

  4. Closet Chaos

 Any of these sound familiar?

In each chapter, you will learn the fashion crimes to watch out for, and how to easily solve them. Holly offers tons of examples and visuals to aid in your journey to fashion confidence!

“If you keep up, you can show up!”

If you keep up with your wardrobe, then you can show up for anything. It doesn’t matter what anybody throws at you. Somebody invites you to an underwater basket-weaving party? Great, – you got something to wear for that because you have a cohesive wardrobe that has evolved with your style.

Holly believes that if you ask yourself some key life questions, you can be ready for anything. 

What is your WHO, WHAT, WHERE, AND WHY at this point in your life? Where are you in your life today? What do you need? What life phase are you in? What do you want? And what do you like? As these are not easy questions to answer, Holly will tell you this:

If you can’t answer some of the above, then you need a fashion refresh! 

Don’t let your body type, age, budget, or lack of fashion confidence keep you from feeling fashionable and fabulous. 

Join our Fashion Besties!

Do you have someone in your life that you love who needs a little fashion confidence? BUY THEM THIS BOOK! 

Babysitters, Mothers-In-Law, Best Friends, Work Buddies, Your Grandma, A Neighbor, Your Book Club, Your Pickleball Partner…. trust us. Someone you know right now is dying for a little fashion confidence and has no idea how to get started.

No one will be offended if they receive this book as a gift. They will thank you! 

OK, we’ve told you as much as we can about the book without spoiling the ending. Please go to Amazon RIGHT NOW and get your copy today! 

And then – most importantly – leave us a review on Amazon. We would be most grateful.


If you are feeling particularly frisky, take a video of yourself with the book and post it on Instagram (tagging Fashion Crimes Podcast and Holly Katz Styling) and you’ll get a shout-out on the next episode!

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Thank you for being our Fashion Besties! 

Xoxo –

Holly Katz

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