How to Shop Like a Pro | EP 169

Welcome to this episode of the FASHION CRIMES PODCAST, where Holly unleashes the secrets of savvy shopping to help you become a true shopping pro. This week, she shares her insider tips and tricks that will transform the way you shop – especially if you HATE to shop!

Step-by-step, Holly takes you through her proven strategies for knowing WHAT to shop for, and HOW to avoid some of the most common shopping mistakes. Before you even step foot into a store (or online), you must be armed with what is known as a STYLE PLAN.”

There are 7 categories of clothing you need in your wardrobe. Find out what those are, and how to create your own style plan. #ListenASAP

From analyzing your closet, doing thorough research and comparing prices to bargain-hunting and staying within a budget, Holly shares everything you need to know to become a confident shopper. She‘ll also guide you through dangerous shopping pitfalls, including impulse buying and shopping for price #FASHIONCRIME to help you make more mindful choices.

But hold on, we must discuss the importance of ethical shopping supporting small women-owned brands that are changing the fashion industry for the better. Also, hear and learn all about the “demotion” category of your wardrobe. This is something that you have loved and worn to death but aren’t ready to part with. These items can be demoted for dog walking, clothes to clean in or wear when doing yard work. We can totally get behind this category, and Holly has an overflowing drawer of said items. 

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Happy shopping!

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Getting dressed is something that should add joy and confidence to your everyday life not bring you down. You CAN have complete control over the message you’re sending to the world by using style as a tool to get ahead in life.

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“The Best Fashion Friend You Never Knew You Needed”

Hosted by your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz!

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