Fall 2022 Trend Report | EP 110

Fashion insider besties…..this is going to be epic. So, as you know, Holly spent last week at New York Fashion week, dragging herself from hair and make-up to fashion show after fashion show – ALL FOR YOU……just sayin.

Consider this reseach for the greater good, because this is what will determine what YOU will be wanting to wear in the next few months, albeit, translated into real clothes for real people.

Here’s the deal: Fashion Week previews the art of fashion designers. That art is paraded down cat walks and photographed, and then shared a zillion times on Instagram. 

THEN, it goes into the heads of mass market fashion producers, watered down to be wearable, and re-interpreted and produced by everyone from boutique designers to box stores. THAT is how the latest trends come to you. 

So, if you hear Holly talking about a ‘windowpane petticoat” do not stop listening. This is a precursor to what is coming your way. 

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If you’re not sure how the fashion cycle works, this is a quick fashion lesson:

Trends from Europe come over to the United States. They get shown on the runway, and then what’s known as the trickle-down effect happens in the market. This means that what’s on the runway gets reinterpreted and knocked-off by several different companies to reflect what the trends are for that current season for the general public. 

So, for example, let’s say you see a mesh cage petticoat on the runway – which Holly did see – 99% of the people at the show would say: “That’s amazing! It’s a piece of art. It’s incredible! The construction is to die for!” 

In addition to those comments, Holly would say: “Who is actually going to wear that?”

Well, other designers will take that particular style and make an “idea of that style” adaptable to the mass market. 

It may have started as a windowpane cage petticoat. But then it turns into something that simulates the artistic style. Maybe it’s a black skirt with a windowpane print that looks like a structured petticoat with a tulle or crinoline skirt. 

This would give the idea of the petticoat. One that might go into actual production for a label. 

“Mass market companies want to emulate a trend so it’s adaptable and make sense for a mass market crowd. If you’re more confused than ever, keep listening! Brands that cater to mass markets take the idea of a trend and break it down and make it less scary for us regular folk.” 

– Holly Katz, your favorite personal stylist

Top Fall 2022 Trends | See Holly’s Pinterest Board for Images:

  • Neon:

The first trend Holly loved – and saw at almost every fashion show – was COLOR!! More specifically, pink, purple, orange, and highlighter neon colors. This goes for men as well as women. 

Yes, neon is still here. The brighter and louder, the better. 

There are so many ways to interpret color. One being taking ONE piece of your outfit, like a shoe, a bag, or a blazer, and picking a color so outrageous, that it stands out as the star of your outfit. 

Holly saw someone last week in neon yellow everything: jacket, shorts, thigh-high boots, and even accessories. It was not hard to spot her, but for adaptation to everyday life, remember: less is more!!!

This look is certainly a conversation starter, and it is a great way to take a fashion risk without getting crazy. 

  • Crochet Everything:

When we say ‘crochet,” we mean crochet everything: pants, tops, bathing suits, jackets, dresses, everything! 

When you think of crochet, the first thing most people immediately think of is: “Oh, you can see through it!” Because if the weave is not tight, then you will be able to see through it. 

However, you can easily work with a crochet top by pairing it with a cami underneath. When you see the crochet dress designs, you can think of two things: wear it over a bathing suit on vacation – or simply wear it with a full slip underneath.

  • Denim, but: 

We know that sounds obvious, but denim is all the rage right now! Look for a more relaxed fit that sits lower on the hip. Very loose in the legs. Think of a boyfriend cut or stovepipe leg that is straight all the way down. 

If you are rail thin, lower on the waist or low rise looks really great. But if you’re curvy, you can simulate that look by wearing a mid-rise looser fit.

(If you have any additional questions about denim, go back and listen to Episode 65 called “The Deal with Denim and hopefully you can get more specific information.)

  • Tie-Dye:

There’s certainly a way to wear tie-dye that looks sophisticated. When wearing tie-dye, less is more. Holly has been seeing it more and more with intricate dyeing techniques like ice dyeing and something called Shibori print dyeing. 

Ulla Johnson had some of the most intricate tie dye designs in her separates and dresses, along with Naeem Khan. Holly was not invited to these shows, (completely rude), but boy does she wish she was. 

Just a little sidebar for all you insider besties out there that just wear black every day:  We know it’s super easy to fall into that trap, but for God’s sake, try something different for once! Wearing bold out of the box colors is super chic as well. 

  • Flowers and Floral Appliques:

Now, we know what you’re thinking: floral prints… big deal. But no. This is different. This is a giant flower application and larger-than-life flowers.

One brand to check out is the shoe brand is called Cecilia New York, by Ashley Cole. She’s one of the nicest people Holly has ever met, and she’s just got some of the cutest shoes we’ve ever seen. And for a very decent price point. Pictures from the presentation of course are going to be on Holly’s Pinterest board.  She has giant flowers on her shoes and we love them so much. 

For clothing: you must see PatBO who had GIANT flowers on their designs, as well as Markarian, who had beautiful embroidered flowers. Giant applications -which is all the rage right now.

  • Metallics

First of all, everything was metallic going up and down the runway: Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Boots – ALL the boots were metallic; especailly at the Tom Ford Show; which Holly attended this season.

Remember: When it comes to metallics, wear them with solids, and let the metallic piece be the star!

  • Lace

Hollys love this trend! She really loves a lace moment – but it’s got to be done tastefully (just like when you were in High School, people!!).

Lace tops, pants, shorts, jackets, skirts, etc. Lace really never technically goes out of style, per se, but when several designers show it on the runway – it is considered “back”, and of course, both in neutrals and bright colors alike.

  • International Global Dressing:

This is cultural styling by international designers who are bringing their cultural dressing to the runway and American buyers. Look for designers like Silvia Tcherassi from Columbia and Raquel Orozco from Mexico. 

In Summary, remember: 

Color! Orange, purple, metallics, lace, flowers, giant flower appliques, tie-dye, denim, crochet, and highlighter colors. There are so many trends out right now. This is what you will soon be seeing in the stores. 

You can do this! You don’t have to do all these trends. Just pick one trend that you like and go for it.

If you need more help, remember to see Holly’s Pinterest board so you can see some of the trends and how you can apply them to your everyday wardrobe. 

That’s it for this week! Send Holly your fashion trend questions – via email or DM on social!


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