Designer Spotlight: Swimsuits for All | EP 155

We are back this week to talk about swimsuits. And not just any suits, but Swimsuits for All! #slayallday

Shopping for swimsuits can be a stressful, vulnerable, and frustrating experience. It’s doubly so when your favorite store doesn’t carry a cute style in your size, or when all the ones in your size were clearly treated as afterthoughts. #rude 

As the online swimwear leader since 2005, Swimsuits For All is known for swimsuits with superior construction, expert fit and innovative designs.  

Today they continue to push the boundaries of style and size in the women’s swimwear space. The brand makes stylish, size-inclusive women’s swimwear in sizes 4 through 44. Yes, you read that right.


Your favorite personal stylist – Holly Katz – has been a fan, a customer, and a big promoter of Swimsuits for All for many years.


Its lineup includes one-pieces, bikinis, swim dresses, tankinis, and cover-ups, and most of its suits cost less than $100. #amazeballs

Even for the ones that cost more, you can usually get them at a generous discount during one of the brand’s many online sale events.


Through perfect-fitting swimwear catered to EVERY BODY, Swimsuits For All inspires women of all ages, shapes and sizes to be confident and carefree in the swim they’re in.


Join Holly for an exclusive interview at the NYC headquarters of Swimsuits For All with their Director of Design, Kristina Guilmain and VP, Brand Manager Bryan Bance.



As the Director of Design, Kristina and her team create swimwear that fits well, looks beautiful and encourage confidence through masterful design and construction, cutting edge fabric technologies and size inclusivity.


Kristina is a swimwear expert and is a passionate swimwear lifestyle person who, she says, was basically born on the beach.


Bryan serves as VP, Brand Manager and comes to the brand from Levi’s (did you listen to our last episode??). Bryan brings his experience of understanding the personal fit issues of jeans to the very personal fit issues of a swimsuit. Both are fashion areas that are hard to fit and require a deep understanding of how the customer feels about their body.


Knowing their core customer and learning about their “pain points” when considering swimsuits is key to the brand’s success. Once they understand the issues or concerns of their customers, the real design and construction work begins.




Interior Components:

The interior of the suit is what gives your body the support it needs.  Swimsuits for All uses a power mesh layer that firmly holds you in from the inside. This lining lets the fabric on the outside be bump-free and smooth, while supporting, slimming, or lifting from the inside.

“The support of the swimsuit is within.”

Other Key Elements:

Underwire is your friend, especially when it is wrapped and made to be comfortable. Added to this support area is the “bust band.” The straps are not what hold your boobs up- it’s the band.


Truthbomb: One size does not fit all. Customers often need different bra cup sizes for each swimsuit size, and adjustable back clasps.


Adjustable shoulder straps are the last line of defense for support. They should never dig into your shoulders, and they are not meant to hold the full weight of your breasts.



Depending on when and where you are wearing a swimsuit, your desired butt coverage may vary. Swimsuits for All offers 3 main coverage options:


  • Cheeky Cut: shows your cheeks!

  • Full Coverage: covers your cheeks!

  • Modern Coverage: in-between full and cheeky and offers a cut that is still sexy and modern.



Inclusivity sizing means just that: sizes for everyone. They offer swimsuits in sizes from 4-44. But not every suit is for every body. So, providing a multitude of styles is critical to offering a wide range of sizes.



The success of Swimsuits for All is based on meeting their customer’s need in the swimsuit category:

  1. Bust support: they offer the most options.

  2. They serve a segment in the market for women who cannot find the fit or the product they are looking for.

  3. They offer a wide range of real sizes (XL at a box store is not Plus Size), inclusive sizing and mix-and-match sizing.




Designer Kristina:

“Swimwear is not a “throw away” piece. It can be an investment piece. Buy something that serves more than one purpose. We achieve that with the versatility of our pieces.”


Marketer Bryan:

“We want to give you the gift of confidence. We want to make sure that, when you are out and about in a swimsuit, you don’t care what someone thinks about you. You are not thinking about what others think because you love the way you look and feel”

Connect and support brands the brands we love, starting with Swimsuits for All.


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And find them on all the socials at @swimsuitsforall.

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