Happy Birthday LEVI’S 501 Jeans! EP | 154

Did you know that it’s the 150th Anniversary of Levi’s 501 jeans? We are betting that no matter how old you are right now as you listen to this podcast, you probably went through an era of wearing the iconic 5-button-fly, unisex classic style. AMIRITE!?

These jeans date all the way back to 1873. The original 501 jeans by Levi’s have stayed true and timeless for well over 150 years. And they’re not stopping anytime soon. From rebels to rockstars to factory and millworkers and farmers alike, 501 jeans have been a staple for everyone. 

In fact, 501 jeans just get cooler and hipper, the older and more worn they appear. 

Throughout their history, there was no social class, gender, religion, or creed that 501’s did not fit. So, when you wear 501’s, you are not pigeonholed into any demographic other than being part of the Levi’s revolution – and what a revolution it is.  

The style is still true today to the original 501 core values of price, craftsmanship, and durability. And it’s now coupled with Levi’s modern sustainability efforts. We mean, you literally cannot destroy these things!


501 jeans are the oldest style of the Levi’s brand. Back in the late 19th century miners and factory workers needed a pant that was sustainable enough to withstand the harsh elements, in addition to keeping their shape and durability over time. 

Levi Strauss was a Jewish immigrant who sailed to New York City in pursuit of the American dream from Bavaria, Germany. He joined his family in the dry goods business where he was selling what was called “waist overalls,” which was the name for denim pants. 

He then worked with a tailor from Merino, Italy who added copper rivets to reinforcement to the pocket corners. From there, they were awarded a patent for the process of adding the rivets and started to manufacture them in San Francisco, where Strauss was living.

Eventually, ladies and children’s styles followed, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that baby boomers adopted the name “jeans.”


Today, the company boasts a collection of over 400 styles and rinses (colors). The Levi’s company is using its birthday to bring forth its efforts on becoming more sustainable and use less energy and water to produce and dye its products.


Expect to hear about the release of the plant-based 501’s that are made from 97% renewable resources. Now, we don’t even know what that means, but we’re gonna find out because Holly is gonna get a pair and we are going to learn about this company and its practices! #Yay! 


Please look up all of the work Levi’s has done to help make the planet a better place! We didn’t know how extensive it has been, and now that we do, we love them even more.


  1. Obviously: FIT IS FIRST. Not a price point.

  2. The 5 Factor: the rise, stretch factor, support, rinse and price.

  3. Don’t go by inseam. Most of the time, jeans will be too long.

(Note: check out Holly’s Pinterest board for all of the recommendations on this episode at: https://pin.it/7fyf8ip)


The rise is the distance from your crotch up through your seat to the top of your waistband. So, if you go in between your legs, it is at that point where all of the panels connect. The rise determines where the pants sit on your body and can create, or alter, where your perceived waistline is. 

You will see “high rise,” “low rise” and everything in between. Based on your body type, the “rise” you choose depends on the fit you are looking for. 

Brands Holly Recommends:









Rag and Bone:











Do not get hung up on what style is in style. If skinny jeans are your best fit, wear them forever. What jean fit your body best never go out of style.


Any. Thing.

Jeans are the new black. They are high fashion. They are low fashion. They are high-low fashion. That is what makes them fabulous and acceptable in most places these days.  

And, you can never have too many, or too few. But they are a staple, and you need to have some.

Style them with everything from cowboy boots to sandals. Dress them up with a nice top and jacket or be fun with a rock-n-roll T-shirt.


Style your jeans up: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorizes. A nice handbag, killer shoes and statement jewelry can transform any jeans into a stylish outfit.

Go forth and have fun with your jeans- send us a pic on how you styled them so you can get a shout out!


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