What to Wear for New Year’s Eve 2022 | EP 124

Did you know that you can shop your own closet for New Year’s Eve? If you are like many people – late to make plans for NYE, and then even later to get an outfit together – then you have come to the right place, Fashion Friends!

“On New Year’s Eve, no matter what your plans are, you are supposed to look like a freaking disco ball. End of story.” – Holly Katz

This week your favorite personal stylist, Holly Katz, is here with her secret formula for pulling an outfit out of your own closet! Don’t run out and shop at the last minute. You will buy something you will never wear again, and FOR SURE, you will overpay when you shop in a panic.

The Best Dressed Formula for NYE:

The Official Dress Code is “put in some effing effort”. (New official dress code invented by Holly-feel free to use this on your next invitation.) Wear something overdressed and impractical.

First, pick a blank canvas: 

  • A top, a dress, or even a jumpsuit – that you can build upon.

Pick a 2nd item that will go over or under said blank canvas:

  • A turtleneck, a sweater, a blazer, a camisole, lacy bra, or animal print thigh highs (from Vienne Milano, our BFFF), or just great jewelry.

Pick a 3rd item – usually outerwear because let’s be honest…it’s cold, bitches.

  • You should have a nice dress coat already in your closet! If not, go back and listen to EP 72  “How to Buy a Winter Coat” 
  • Do NOT wear a puffer or casual ski coat with a nice outfit. I will find you. 
Fashion Crimes for NYE:

Do not wear jeans. You have 364 days a year to wear jeans. Don’t let this be one of the days. We don’t care how expensive they are. That is not special. 

  • Faux leather pants, colored jeans, wax coated or leather pants, or an embellished pant.     

Don’t dress like you do every day.

  • Try new make-up, do your hair differently. Make it special!

Do not wear sneakers, casual flats, or shoes that you run to the grocery store in. 

  • Find shoes that have feathers, sparkles, high heels, or a bright color.
  • Metallic boots are very on-trend right now and elevate just about any outfit. We love a metallic boot.
How to Shop Your Closet First:
  1. Look at your closet with a different eye. Go through and find things you haven’t worn in a while – or that you bought for NYE last year and have never worn again. #Duh!
  2. If you are falling flat in your closet hunt, you are allowed to shop for one new thing to help give you some motivation to get dressed up!
    • There are so many sales after Christmas that you can easily find fun accessories or pieces without breaking the bank. Go to a nice department store, not a discount store. 
  3. In need of some style inspo? Glad you asked. Check out Holly’s NYE Pinterest Board to see her favorite style ideas for the big night out (or in!). 

Final thoughts:

  • Find the playful side of you when getting dressed for New Year’s Eve!
  • Just for one time.
  • Make it special.
  • And make it fun.

Thank you for listening ALL YEAR LONG – we are so grateful to all of our listeners and fashion friends! We wish you all the best in the New Year. And we are super excited about focusing on our fave thing for 2023-women owned small brands that are changing the fashion industry for the better! We love you and can’t wait for you to tune in in 2023!

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