Top Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves, w/ Fashion Stylist Soneca Guadara | EP 102

What is better than a fashion podcast episode with “Your Favorite Personal Stylist” Holly Katz? A podcast with TWO fabulous personal stylists discussing the 2022 Top Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves!  

Join us this week as our BFF of the podcast and style expert Soneca Guadara sits with Holly to discuss the top summer wardrobe must-haves and how to wear them.  

It’s hot as balls everywhere this summer, but that is no reason to not look great – no matter what the temperature, or your erratic hormones. 


Soneca Guadara is a personal stylist and fashion expert extraordinaire, who like Holly, has built her career helping women feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous at any age. 

Soneca is the creator of Style by Soneca. She is a lifestyle blogger, fashion stylist, proud Latina, and mom to four kids. Hailing from Miami and the burbs of New Jersey (yes, you can say she is a Real Housewife of New Jersey) this fabulous fashionista not only has a keen eye for fashion, but she has an amazing taste for interior decor and fashionable entertaining. 

Soneca is a certified Fashion Stylist from NYC’s world-renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, has worked backstage at various fashion shows for NYFW, has her own fashion column for BCthemagazine, is an on-air fashion and lifestyle expert on Unimas for Viernes y Mas, and stays current working with various photographers and stylists where her work has been published in magazines… not mention working with clients helping them with their fashion needs.

So, Soneca knows style. 

First Fashion Tip: The first day of Fall is July 5th on the Fashion Calendar

Yes, it is the end of July and 95 degrees in literally every town in America (and Europe) right now. But, after July 4th the retail fashion industry switches gears and starts promoting fall fashions. WHHHHUT??

It’s true. While you still have boob sweat, the fashion industry has put its summer styles on sale to make room for back-to-school fall styles. It doesn’t matter where you live, or how hot it is, you have now entered the fall season. #youarewelcome

So, if you are not ready for angora sweaters, leather pants and thigh-boots right now, then you need to be shopping for this summer’s hottest sales. Now. 

Also? Europe is not so fancy in the summer.

Soneca starts out telling us about her fabulous travels to Europe this summer. First, it was unbearably hot. Second, even the Europeans take a break from over-the-top fashion so they can simply survive the heat. 

So, what are the fashionistas wearing in Italy, London, Paris, and beyond? They are keeping it SUPER casual and low-key. Think livable fashion. Elevated loungewear. Effortless dressing This means styles that can beat the heat and take you from day into night. 


Go to Holly’s Pinterest Board now to see many of the styles discussed on this episode.

Dresses, comfortable shoes, hats, and handbags that are functional, affordable and appropriate. 

Helpful Hints:

  1. If you are of a certain age, do not wear silk slip dresses, strapless tops, super short shorts, uncomfortable shoes or go braless. We can’t believe we have to say these things, but the heat can make you forget your common sense. #truthbomb
  2. Choose wedges or slides to keep from looking like a slob all summer. Just a note: slides are not the rubber athletic sandals that teen-aged boys wear. They are cute flats with embellished tops that help elevate your summer style. 
  3. Find a summer tote bag that works for travel, the beach, and for carrying all of your summer accessories. Do not invest in a leather or high-priced handbag for the summer. You need a workhorse that will get sand, sunscreen, travel grime, snacks, and hopefully, wine, all over it. #facts
  4. Get yourself a stylish sun-protecting hat. You need to be super cute all summer, but as we’ve said before, there is no greater fashion crime than sun-damaged, wrinkly skin.  #TruthBomb
  5. And finally, you CAN wear jeans in the summer! Get yourself some great-fitting white jeans, cropped jeans, colored jeans or just some good old-fashioned blue jeans. Pick your favorite fit and pair them with a fabulous summer top, sandals, accessories, and a statement summer bag. DONE. Jeans are to be worn year-round. 

We are so grateful for Soneca’s fabulous style tips! There is absolutely NO way you won’t be ready to rock the summer fashion scene after hearing all of their fun and easy fashion secrets!

Please be sure to look Soneca up on all of the social channels. Look for Style by Soneca or Soneca Guadara on all platforms! 

Take it from these two fashion besties; less is more when it comes to looking stylish in the ungodly heat. Stick with these must-haves and you will have a cohesive wardrobe that will take you right into transition fall. You heard it here first, folks from the hostess with the mostest, your favorite personal stylist and as always, the only Holly you need to know! 

Listen now!

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