Top Dress Picks For Summer 2023 | EP 146

It’s summer dress season! Are you ready? Your favorite personal stylist Holly Katz is back this week with what o wear this summer for our fashion besties over 40 – and we mean – wayyyy over 40!  

First and foremost, let’s go back to Holly’s #1 Fashion Rule:  

Shop for Fit. Not for Price.   

When you shop for price, you can run into the danger of sacrificing fit for price, which is a huge fashion crime. #howboutno 

Thank you to our faithful listeners and followers for asking Holly about summer dresses (and summer festival wear).  The options for summer dresses are completely endless, but Holly has picked some that she has been wearing herself, that are comfortable yet stylish. 

Let’s talk about body issues, as summer weather begs for less clothing which may expose areas you may not be comfortable having on display. Some of our listeners tell us they are worried about showing their arms and/or legs. Other listeners have tummy issues.  #TAKEANUMBER 

Summer-weight clothing simply lends itself to exposing these areas, so it’s best to have a game plan if you are worried about showing off some of your body parts.

HOT TIP:  No one sees your body as critically as you do. Your arms and legs ARE JUST FINE!  There are solutions for blemishes, veins, and whatever else you are overly critical of.  Don’t give up too easily!  Ever heard of DermaBlend? It’s make-up for those places on your body you may want to cover or hide.  It’s a miracle product.

So, if you have veins on your shins, or varicose veins or spider veins, it’s okay. You can get a dress that’s at the knee, or below. And use the DermaBlend. It’s not that serious. You will thank me later.  

As for hiding the tops of your arms that may not be in perfect shape, no one is asking you to go totally sleeveless or wear a strapless top. You CAN find short sleeves or a flutter sleeve that offer a bit more coverage. There is no reason to schvitz in 90-degree weather. Your arms don’t need to be the most favorite part of your body. Work around them! 

When you let your body issues come before your style, then we’ve got a real problem, then you’re stuck, you get stuck. So let’s get you unstuck. – Holly Katz, Personal Stylist


If you’re running errands, playing chauffeur, or hanging in your own backyard, something obviously more casual and less expensive is the way to go. 

Brands Holly Loves:  

Nicole Miller (friend of the podcast)


They have a ton of selections that are great for activities. Also, when you have a dress that you end up wearing, for like around the house activities are chores, these are things that are usually too casual for a night out that you can demote them to a more casual section of your closet.   

HOT TIP: Try a kimono! Wear over a tank top and jean shorts! Or over jeans. It’s a great non-dress, dressy look!   


The next level up in dresses is a daytime dress, of course, which is considered a nicer dress, say that you would wear to a lunch, day party, baby shower, etc. Not something that you would wear just kicking around or going to carpool. Something that you would want to show off and look dressed and put together. 

Hot TIP: Remember, just because you’re dressed, it does not mean you are dressed up you’re just dressed. Also, you need to have a bag and shoes, you cannot carry your everyday tote bag or shopping bag.  #UMNO

Don’t forget about dress codes: a day dress is lightweight. It can be cute and dressy, but it is for daytime. Evening dresses are heavier weight, or embellished, or made from finer fabrics. 


Now, if you don’t have a variety of dresses to choose from the minute you get invited to something fun, you feel unprepared and you panic and run out and then you get something new, grasping at straws, hoping that you made the right choice. Take the time to BUILD YOUR WARDROBE over time when you can find dresses for fit, not occasion and certainly not for price.  

So this is why building and elevating your style is so important. 

Brands Holly Loves:





HOT TIP: If you find a dress style or brand you love, and it doesn’t fit well, don’t forget you can have items altered. Don’t pass up on a quality dress or fit, just because it is too long or not fitted in the areas you need. Most dry cleaners or tailors can make quick fixes that are game-changers! 


If you have an evening dress that you wore 20 years ago, it needs to go. #sorrynotsorry

They will and do go out of style. Even it is black-it’s irrelevant.  Black tie dresses don’t last forever. And if you keep something for that long, that means it’s life in the spotlight is probably over. It’s okay. It had a great life. 

Brands Holly Loves:  

Special occasion dresses are an investment. Period. End of statement. So plan for that. You don’t buy them often. So go for quality over quantity

PS:  Do not forget to go to Holly’s Pinterest Board for more summer dress ideas and links to purchase. Check out our youtube channel! We cute, we cute

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