Top Bathing Suits for 2023 | EP 144

Are you in the market for a new bathing suit?  Swim season is just around the corner, so if you are starting to think about a new suit this year, then you are in luck #yourewelcom

Holly has been on the lookout for what’s new for 2023 – and as always – how to shop for swimsuits that are CORRECT FOR YOUR BODY TYPE, not just for the latest fad.  

During this style recon, not only did Holly check out her tried and true brands (Miracle Suit), but she has taken all the work and fear out of finding new bathing suit brands that you need to know (Biliblond)! Designer Spotlight: Hila, founder of Biliblond coming up next week!


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This week, Holly starts out with a big fat truth bomb: ACCEPT YOUR BODY FOR WHO YOU ARE TODAY; not 10 lbs from now, not 20 lbs from yesterday. Let’s not focus on how to be skinnier, or how to be more in shape. We need to thank our bodies for everything it does for us each day. Let’s celebrate it instead of shaming it.  

Take a good look, folks. This right here. This is as good as it gets. Okay? This is it. This is the way my body looks. AND THAT IS OKAY!  

What you ARE going to do is embrace your body type, and where you are in the moment. You do not need to be perfect to find the perfect-fitting swimsuit.  #fashionfact

So, instead of missing out on family vacation time, or girls’ trips, or just some fun in the sun, EMBRACE who you are and what you’ve got. Because there IS a swimsuit for that.  #fashionforeveryone 

“This will bring you to better bathing suit karma, and help you find what you are looking for.” Holly Katz  


If there is something you don’t like about your body, or don’t like wearing a bathing suit – we can work on that.  

Problem areas: Do you like to hide your stomach? Do you need more coverage on your backside? Big boobs? No boobs? This is where you start.  

If you know your problem areas, then you can find solutions. But this doesn’t come easy. You must try on swimsuits. You can even go to specialty shops and be FITTED FOR A SWIMSUIT. Just like your foundational pieces, like a bra, go get professional help if you can, to help you learn about the right fit. 


The only people who can shop for swimsuits at Target or other big box stores are 14-year-olds who don’t have body and fit issues. The styles in those stores are not for women who need to manage their body type. #PERIOD

On the flip side of that, don’t give up and end up in your Grandmother’s Swimming Outfit. Matronly-fitting suits are not the answer to finding a swimsuit that helps you with your body type. More fabric is not fashion. Just like clothing, don’t hide behind a suit that’s “safe” because its the only one that you will be seen in public in.

  1. Shop for fit first. Get a bathing suit that fits and gives you the support you need and solves your problem areas. Even if you have to look a little longer, or a little harder. 

  1. Buy the suit that FITS, regardless of the color. If it fits well, the color doesn’t matter.  You aren’t shopping for price or color. You are shopping for fit first. Don’t take the easy way out. 

  1. Look for quality fabric. If you can see through the fabric, it’s a No-Go. Is it stretchy? Are the seams reinforeced and durable?  Are the straps adjustable? Will it compliment your figure? Is this something you can feel confident in?

Holly’s favorite swimsuit brands: 


Please do not skimp on a bathing suit because of price. Don’t do it. You can fight Holly on this if you wish.   

People often want something quick and cheap because they don’t wear a bathing suit very often, or they’re only in a bathing suit once a year. A quality bathing suit can last several years. If you take care of them properly, maybe 3-4 years!

If you go on vacation once every few years, please get a decent bathing suit for around $150 to $200. You will love the way you feel in it! 


If you splurge on a bathing suit that looks amazing for your body type, you’re going to want to wear a bathing suit more. Just like clothes. The better you feel, your self-esteem only goes up from zero. #facts 


A cover-up provides you with sun protection and allows you to walk around in public without any body parts hanging out. You need a transitional fashion item to get you around until you are pool or beachside.  You don’t have to be matchy-matchy, but your bathing suit and cover-up should coordinate somewhat. 

Holly LOVES a kimono or a knit dress – something that allows your fabulous-fitting swimsuit to be seen, but with a bit of mystery.  #yyyaassss 


An oversized T-shirt from your kid’s school carnival is NOT a cover-up. #nogirl You want to think about putting an outfit together when you’re going to the beach  

Part of the cover-up area is a stylish hat! A big sun hat just makes you look more fabulous.   

In addition, you need a fun tote bag. This is your ‘handbag’ for the beach. Don’t skimp here and walk around with plastic bags, book bags, canvas bags  – and god-forbid – the rubber CROCS tote bag. Make your husband carry the over-loaded beach bag. Get yourself something chic and super cute for your sunglasses, sunscreen, and beach read! This does not need to break the bank. 


For the care and maintenance of your bathing suits, you can wash them with your regular wash – but do not dry them in the dryer. There are specialty or delicate detergents you can use, if you like, too.

Lay your suits flat or hang them to dry. Bathing suits should not lose their color. They should not get stretched out. With the right care, your swimsuit should last for a few years! 

Ok, that is it for this week fashion besties. Don’t let your body issues stand in the way of looking fabulous this summer. We believe in yooouuuuuu!  

Shout Outs of The Week! Thank you to Beth who asked about clogs (uhm, no.), and to Vickie and Jenny who wrote in this week! New Fashion Besties Alert!!!

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See you on the beach! 

Love, Holly Katz 

The Hostess with the Mostest, Your Favorite Personal Stylists – AND – the ONLY Holly you need to Know.   


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